Friday, July 13, 2007

A call to the DR.

I have been searching for the best Dr. for Joesph Turner and I think I found him.
He is at children's Hospital...They were able to calm some fears I've been having.
His heart condition is very fixable and he will live a normal life after surgery..
Of course they don't know without seeing him but they use on almost all heart problems
like Joesph they are able to do with a catheter..meaning not major open heart surgery.
So anyway, please continue to pray..We have him an apt for Sept 26th...I hope he is home..



Brandi said...

Yeah!!! Only God can make stuff like that fall into place. Isn't He just grand?!


Anonymous said...

He will be here! Look how all of this has came about? God is all over this, sister! It gives me Godbumps evertime I think about how awesome He is and how He has brought you already to a place that you thought would be so hard to get too. It is like at first it looks like a bumpy road (adoption papers, fingerprints, passports,..etc...) and then He just paves that road ahead and you say Wow!!!! All these prayers going up, it is all going to fall into place and little JT will be running around here soon! I don't know though, he may be a little too old for my little one! ha! Love you and have been praying all day for ya! I will keep them going up, sister!
Love ya bunches,
Michael :)


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