Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Another year to celebrate these two beautiful daughters of ours.
My heart overflowing with love and gratitude as I get to show them how much they are loved on this day September, 19th their birthday. 

On this day the big tree in the front yard was the backdrop 
to celebrate their life.

Never will I grow weary in celebrating the life around me.

 I feel as though the Lord has blessed me and given me so much more than I ever deserve and these babies are a joy to our family. 

I guess I will always call them babies because for so long we said go get the babies out of bed or lets feed the babies and that was their name for years and still is.


They are the sweetness that the Lord gave to us when we were all grieving so much. The Lord used them in our life to restore our joy and to count our blessings.   

So under that tree, the same tree they have been swinging under for years, we sang happy birthday and as we always do went around our table and everyone told one thing that they loved about each one of them.
 Such a sweet time of reminding them of the gifts that the Lord has given to them.

 Cooper made little hedge-hogs with the help of Chandler-Mae. I love the way he is so detailed.
Football is his love 
but I think we can add cookie decorations to his list of things he can do. 

 We gave way too many presents as usual and you know that it's never about the presents but I love giving them and if we go over board that's ok. This year the theme was Calico critters and calico critters they got. They also got orange crush sodas with straws and chocolate, lots of chocolate.

This little precious angel was at our table and I really like everything about her. Even her smell. 

I can't possibly forget the joy around that tree in our front yard. The memories floating up because they have grown up around that tree. Learning to walk or having a tea party. Such a special treasure to watch them celebrate there.   
Happy Birthday sweet girls,
We love you so much


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