Saturday, October 23, 2010

Let's take a ride

Tuck put a rope on the end of the canoe and for hours pulled the kids
around the yard. They called it a hay-ride
I call it pure love.
A brother's love for his brothers and sister.
He stopped what he was doing, and with the
cheers of the little guys, devoted hours to play.

In the fall sunshine she rode round and round with a bunch of rough necked brothers
who understand their role as protector in her life.

The familar smiles of these two always hanging out.
I can't possibly get through one day without
counting the blessings  that my children are 
to our home.  

Thursday, October 21, 2010

how beautiful...

The team, my team, was in my yard.
The blues and the yellows.
 I found my voice crying out for both sides
and they knew
I couldn't possibly choose.

They tossed and ran and tackled even though it was supposed to be tag.
Boys can't help it. They bump and fall and wrestle and look over at
me to make sure I'm looking. Of course I'm looking.
This is my team. The team I pray with.
The team I teach and disciple.
The team that I share a home with.....
One for all and all for one.
The beautiful gift of a large family,
so you always have your own football team.



Daddy giving last minute advice on which way to run. Their eyes looking to
him. Wanting to know the way to run.
A daddy slowing down and playing
with all his kids.

Coop coming in for the flag..
(By the way, these flags were well the money.
It's always fun to play football with the right
equipment and the kids love putting these belts on.
It makes them feel official....)

                                    You couldn't keep my girls out of the game if you tried. These two make
me laugh. They share a room and they share secrets.
They're sisters and their love is so sweet. 
I'm so thankful they get to spend so much time together.
Taylor mentoring Channie, helping guide
her up in the way she should go.
How beautiful is the gift of siblings.

How beautiful the game of football!

Monday, October 18, 2010

The harvest is sweet..


The harvest is full on the farm.
The briskness of the cold is felt.
The baskets of blessings overflowing.
Our home preparing for winter.
Making sure the cold can be kept out.
Living off the love of the land and these
two little darlings that I call my daughters.
The bounty is great. 
Their love is worth every inch of soil
that was tilled and turned. 
The harvest is their love and I will live
fat off this land for the winter.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Day Well Spent

 What is it about the coolness that drives me outwards?
Outdoors to bask in the warmth and coolness that
seems to mix.
The changing of seasons always helping me to reflect
 on life. Making sure I'm pouring my life out
for those the Lord has brought in.

Holding little girls as they experience new things and being
so thankful that I get to be a small part of their life. This season with
them is busy and as I try and juggle the everyday I realize more than
ever how I need grace and the love of a gracious Lord
to get through a day..

Having a little girl help me bake cookies, the dough ends up mostly on her
and she holds her arm out and says, "mom do you want to lick me? it's good!"
"Well, Channie I think I will.."
Her laugh and mine mixed all up..
and for the record she tasted sweet! 
These moments I can't afford to miss..
I have to be there for these kind of moments. 
Loving them all and trying to fit into my day everything
the Lord wants me to teach them.
It's alot and my blog takes back seat
to my real work.
 My life's work:
Wife and Mother
Some days I long to be here behind my computer typing my
thoughts and making sure my memories don't fail
me one day but I can't.
 I don't have the freedom to do what I want
and so I take the moments that I have and put on paper,
sorta speak that the mission is worth it.  

Remembering the Seasons
and the changes that they bring
teaches me to always depend on the Lord
and to enjoy the beauty that is before me.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

How to play

Enjoying every little moment you can with your children is more
than just feeding them and disciplining them.
It's also about playing with them and teaching them
how to play..Getting on their level and find out what they like to do and doing it
with them.

This past weekend I spent 25.00 on a huge, gorgeous play kitchen.
It came with aprons, food, pots and pans, tea sets and
every kinda of appliance you can imagine.
I stood looking at this purchase and wondered for a brief moment
how much fun we could all have.....
and then I bought it and drug it home.

With old mr. winter rapidly approaching I knew they would enjoy
the busy time pretending and I knew I needed the extra motivation to
slow down and play. As a mom I need them to know that
I'm available.

I lay down in the middle of it all and had hot meals brought to me one after the other.
I'm eating as fast as I can and I love watching them trying to decide what to make me next.
It's play time and they know I'm all theirs and they're all mine.

The little girls climb and help cook.
They love the mess..and I love to lay there as long
as I can and be crawled on and loved on by this sweet family of mine.
It's a priceless gift...

Have you stopped long enough today to play?
To pretend?
To enjoy the smallness of them?
To pretend to eat plastic food and like it?
To spend your afternoon caught up in the moment?
To fall in love with the innocence of your children?

Put some beans on the stove and take the phone off
the hook and play....the afternoon away I did..

Monday, October 11, 2010

She danced...

 The music flowed and her smile was contagious as she was asked to dance
with the men whom she trusts and loves.
They twirl her and hold her with the gentleness of giants
and she is content. 

 They lead her and let her lead and their strong arms catch her
when she needs them most.

She knows 

She holds

She gets bathed in the sunlight and their love

She gets tired

and then she sleeps in his arms

Friday, October 8, 2010

an apple a day....

 We took a field trip to the apple orchard.
The fall sun was warming us from the inside out.
The trees bearing fruit all around us,

The hay 

The face painting,

The trips they may never remember but I will.

 School for the day



 Trying to not be too busy and just enjoy the simple pleasures of life.


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