Friday, September 25, 2009

Is it enough...

Is it enough to live a quiet happy life? To raise our children to love the Lord, but never let them experience sharing the Lord with a lost world?

Is it enough to care for our families and go to church on Sunday and sit back and say " life is good"?

Is it enough to feel sorry for the hungry and the fatherless and maybe give some of our crumbs from our over flowing table? After all, we have to take care of our families first.

Is it enough to keep ourselves sheltered from the real world where people are hurting, people are dying not knowing Christ and we sit back and say maybe one day when I don't have so much to do I'll help. Is this the pattern our Lord set before us to follow?

To live our lives, enjoy our pleasures, raise our kids, be in a good church, have some good friends and grow old and die and have it said of us"They lived a good life."

I have been dealing with some conviction in my life lately about my walk with the Lord and what He expects from me. What He expects me to be teaching my children.

To be honest I don't want to live a "good life." I want to live a sold out, took chances, helped many life. I want my kids to not be afraid to do the things that everyone else is afraid to do.

Example: adoption. There are millions and millions of kids around the world that need a mom and dad. And there are only a handful of people willing because the risk is too great! The money is too much, the travel too long, the investment not part of our retirement goals.

Don't we want a life after we raise our kids? Someone else will do it. I already have x number of kids, God doesn't expect me to adopt.

I believe Scripture is clear about taking care of orphans and I believe it says we're all to do it.

I believe we're all to take care of poor people. I believe we're all to be actively making a difference in the life of those less fortune.

We have been lulled to sleep and numbed with the pleasures of this world.

We have forgotten it's not about our comfort, it's about how to Glorify the Lord with our lives by loving the unlovable, feeding His sheep, taking chances even when it seems impossible.

We have leaned on the government system for so long that we have forgotten that our Saviour is in the business of moving mountains, if it's His will.

I believe so many of us don't really believe that anymore.

We have a "feel good" approach to life that leads to boredom.

C.T Studd wrote:

"Some wish to live a life within the sound of church or bell

I want to live to run a rescue shop within a yard of hell."

Christianity that costs nothing produces the same.

For so long we wait and let someone else do the hard things and we praise them

for their devotion to the Lord while we sit and pat our fat bellies and thank God for

giving us rest and peace.

That is not the life Christ has been an example of. He was and still is a life that is constantly poured out for others. Not just for your own crying babes but for the crying babes that have no-one. The ones that don't look like you.

He pours himself out for the poor. Not just bringing a meal to your friends who had a baby.

He wants you to feed the POOR. The ones without food. He wants us to clothe people.

He wants us to get our hands dirty.

He wants and expects us to all to be working for His kingdom, not for our own little kingdom.

How much money do we give to the poor?

How much time do we spend seeking out people who need our help?

How much time do we spend opening our home to non-believers?

Outside of our "safe circle" of friends, what do we really do to help?

You give money at church to a organization, just to say you did, but have no idea

what their really doing with that money because we're to busy to look into it.

I'm just saying..

He wants us to lose our life so He can help us find Him.

We want to be fed, sleep all night, and experience a great worship service, and then sit back and and talk about how bad the world is.

When is someone going to change it?

The right president, the right senators, etc.

How about the right US. We are no different than the luke warm Christians that hold office.

It's easy to judge them because we're here and no-one points a finger at us for living a luke warm life.

We call it tolerance.

I wonder what The Lord calls it?


Anonymous said...

Preach it sister!

Anonymous said...

There are alot of places in Birmingham that would appreciate any extra donation of money or time. Jimmy Hale missions, etc. Easy to find. Hard to actually go and do what you are preaching.

Tanya said...

AMEN!!!!! I have been dealing with these same feelings since coming back from Uganda. It makes me sick to my stomach to see what most of us waste money on, when we could be using it to do so much more. God expects us to use the things he has blessed us with to bless others. This might be why we are experiencing an economic crisis. Are we using our gifts wisely? Did Jesus just write a check or did He get down and dirty and do the work? We are to live like Jesus.
It may be hard to take the time to go and do some of these things. But is it more important for your kids to participate in 4 sports, take music and gymnastics or for you to teach them to give of their time and not just 'play church'.

Kathy @ Teaching Good Things said...

I must go repent.

Just A Family said...

Please Kathy,
You do more for people than anyone I know!
Your family is very giving and helpful and the Lord uses you alot.

This post was not meant to bring guilt on anyone but a reminder to myself.


WhitneyandScott said...

Thanks for this post. You put it to words much more beautifully than I could have, but my husband and I have been convicted in the same way lately and are trying to hash out what it means for us - how our lives need to change and what things we need to give up - to truly pour ourselves out and be the hands and feet of Jesus to our lost and dying world. You don't know me, but I started following your blog when Brandi linked to it during the time your precious William passed away. I was also about 8 months pregnant with our son at the time, so your situation touched me deeply and I cried many tears and have said many prayers for you and your precious family. You are truly a light to the world, and your blog continues to inspire and challenge me in so many different ways. Hopefully you don't think it's weird that a complete stranger follows your blog, but I wanted you to know that your sweet life and your beautiful faith are an encouragement, challenge, and blessing to people you don't even know!

rv said...

Hey Robin, This very post is the heartbeat of our church. As a church and as individual families, we are seeking and searching how we will live this out. It is exciting and humbling.
love, rixja

Family Stone said...


I saw that you didn't intend this as a writing to convict, but...

I read your words.

As I finished reading, all I could do was blink - and exhale in conviction.

Thank you. I love how God has used you in my life to draw me nearer to Him.


Our journey following Christ said...

I just found your blog.

Wow, great post! I have been saying the same thing. My heart exactly!

I pray that the Lord ignites a passion in the hearts of Christians to get out of their comfort zones and SERVE Him! Really serve Him.

What they don't realize is the blessing they will receive if they just trust Him in a big way when they step out in faith.

To look on the face of an orphan is to SEE Jesus. And although our kids are no longer orphans, they are a constant reminder of Jesus to us. Don't we as Christians long to see the face of Jesus every day?? We say we do.

Ok, I could go on and on but maybe I'd better compose a post for my blog about this:)

I was blessed by your post today. It spoke to my heart.


Cheryl said...

GREAT post! GREAT words! My heart exactly! Such truth!

Thank you for sharing your heart... which I believe is the heart of our Father.

Brandi said...

LOVE your sweet heart. . and proud to be your friend.

Whitney who commented is a friend of mine . .well, through blogs. .and now an advocate for Swaziland!

Let's talk again this week. . maybe if we take a 20 min call every week we'll eventually catch up on each other's lives?

Love you dearly

Anonymous said...

I just stumbled on your blog today as I am entering the process to be a foster parent. You put into words what I have been feeling but didn't know how to say. Amazing. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I just left a comment above, I absolutely love this blog! Thank you for your words! I would like to share this post on my new blog with your blog link attached to it, but I wanted your permission first, can you email me at
Thanks so much.

Our journey following Christ said...

We as Christians could LITERALLY change the world if we all adopted this way of living. In other words, if we all were obedient, truly obedient, the impact on the world would be incalculable.

Thanks for the reminder!



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