Monday, March 1, 2010

The journey of our table

....Our New Family Table.....

After two years of searching and praying about what kind of
family table we should invest in
we decided to give our family friend and neighbor (whom
our family has known for four generations) a call and
see what he could come up with.
He has an Amish type
shop in his back yard and he only works
with oak or cherry woods.
Our number one priority
that it be built strong enough to
pass down to generations to come.
I believe he delivered..
Our new family table is 12 ft long
and 4ft across.
It is made out of solid oak reclaimed wood.
It weighs about 250-300 lbs,
sits 18 with the benches.
Now that's a table!

This table will hold the most
valuable part of my life.
The feet that dangle under this
table will grow and give way to
my future son-in-laws,
daughter-in-laws, grandchildren,
and great- grandchildren.
So this table
had to be special,
it had to perfect...
We put alot of thought into
our family table. It will be
our main sitting area.
It will be the heart-beat of our home.
We will break bread and laugh
around this table.
We will make lots of family decisions
around this table.
We will cry many tears around this table I'm sure.
We will fill our hearts as well
as our stomachs around this table.
My children will feel accepted
and loved and cherished around this table.
My husband will be able to look down
his table and read from his bible
to his children and when our children look
back they will,
Lord willing,
remember our
family table the most!
They will remember a father and mothers love,
A Saviours love,
great food, great fellowship, and the knowledge that
there will always be room at our table for them.

The Family Table

The shared family meal fulfills more than the function of feeding the family. In the intimate sphere of the shared meal, children learned how to engage in conversation and how to enjoy the experience of hearing others talk. The family meal became the context for sharing the events of the day, for dealing with family crises, and for building the bonds that facilitate family intimacy. Parents taught children how to think about the issues of the day by making these a part of the conversation that was shared around the table. Gentle admonitions and direct correction taught children how to respect others while eating, instilling an understanding of the basic habits that encourage mutual respect and make civilization possible.

Something even more fundamental is at work here. Throughout human history, meals have been important opportunities for the establishment and maintenance of relationships--for the forging of bonds and the deepening of intimacies. The shared family meal--especially the shared supper--is one of the few opportunities when parents and children look each other in the face for a sustained amount of time and have the kind of contact, matched with conversation, that will build memories for a last time.

-Albert Mohler


Shelby said...

ooh, I love it, we have a long table but not that long! granted we only have 5 kinds to. =)

Shonni said...

It is REALLY beautiful!!!

Michael said... that is a table sister! Love it!

kathy @ Teaching Good Things said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! I look forward to years and years of laughter at your table. Won't Thanksgiving be grand?!

Soo...when is going to be my first meal?

bbmommy2 said...

Beautiful craftsmanship! Life will be lived around that table for generations. Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a keeper! Love it!

dragonfrye said...


Elaine said...

God has really blessed you with a beautiful table. Wish you many happy times together.
God bless you all.
Elaine Wooten

Missy said...

That is such a lovely table. I'm sure you all will enjoy it. We have outgrown ours. When the 2 youngest come out of their highchairs we will have to figure out something. Your dining room looks so pretty too. Missy

Kim M. said...

That is ONE BEAUTIFUL table. Our table needs replaced, and I love your idea of having someone custom make one.


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