Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Missing someone is Missing!

This morning is one day closer to bringing Joesph Turner home.
I can't wait to hold that little fellow in my arms.We were doing bible
last night and all five of the kids were sitting around Scott listening
to him teach from Gen. and I looked around and could feel for the first
time someone was missing. I notice that someone is missing from my table
as well. The empty chair sitting next to me is calling out his name.
I could tell someone was missing when I went and tucked all the kids in last night.
I could tell someone was missing when he doesn't come crawl in our bed in the
morning with the rest of the zoo crew. How can it be anything but God? The planting
of a child in your heart whom you have never met only seen on paper.
I pray for him this morning. I pray his presence will continue to fill our home.

Have a good one,


Brandi said...

Someone is missing in my home too. I'll cry with you as we wait! Thankfully, you won't have to wait much longer. I can't wait for you to have little JT in your arms once and for all. LOVEYOU!

Unknown said...

God is so creative, once he makes room in your heart and places a child there you know it. I would have never though I wanted or needed anything until I was in the process of adoption, its funny how when your baby is growing in you tummy you rub it all the time, with adopting you know they need you and you need them and you feel like you can't reach them. I know he feels you love and can't wait to fill the void that can only be filled with him.


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