Friday, July 20, 2007

OK I'll t ake it.......

Today was a great day..We found a sleigh baby bed and tons of little boy clothes size 12months.
It felt so good buying for him. I really felt as though he will be here one day..
I have been feeling like some people just don't get us..We were slammed pretty hard by
a family member questioning our motives. Gosh if we were doing something that was horrible
I guess I could expect someone to say something to us..We are raising up some great kids for the
Lord..We take care of our house-hold.We don't expect them too. We try and accept their life-style
yet they feel as though they can tell us how we are going to mess ours up by adopting a little boy..
If we would of listened to this same person we would be minus 3 kids right now. I remember them saying the same thing about our reversal. This person said the glamour and honey moon about all of this wont last and then we will be stuck...OK stuck with 6 great kids I'll take it.Stuck with a wonderful husband who loves me and these kids more than anything I'll take it..Raising up kids who love the Lord OK I'll take it..Having my table so full with laughter and love OK I'll take it.
Having a half dozen kids crawl in your bed and tell you how much they love you OK I'll take it.
Never feeling alone or like you don't count. OK I 'll take it. Always having someone to go with you anywhere..OK I'll take it. Always having something to laugh about.I'll take it. Crazy Sunday mornings getting ready for church..I'll take it. I'll take it all I will be stuck with these wonderful souls.....and when I get old I hope I'm stuck with tons and tons and tons of grandchildren so I'll be stuck more..................................................................

My motives for adopting is pure love for another little soul...
I believe love is a leap that can-not be denied...
So question, and then realize we are who we are and we will
make mistakes and we will get up and start a fresh day with the
love of our lives...our kids...I don't think we will regret investing in th
future. I believe more people regret living a selfish self centered life.

As Scott says."Go a head and throw me in that briar patch."


Anonymous said...

You take it Girl, and you will have the reward. God is getting ready to bless you with sweetest little boy from way across the world and I can't imagine how anyone could not get it! Children are a blessing from God regardless of how we get them. Let them question, and you keep taking it! Some people just don't know what true love and happiness is all about. We do! God is good.........all the time!

Love ya girl,
Michael :)

Kathy, Jeff's Wife said...

Living in obedience to God is not always easy, and it usually looks different than what most would 'think' would be His will.

Anyone that knows you and your family knows that you honestly walk in the spirit of God. Your kindness and love for others are real. Personally, I am glad you are a God pleaser rather than a man pleaser.

btw...I'd LOVE to have a house full, but obviously God's path is different for ENJOY where you are at!

Welcome to Jen said...

I feel your pain. We have been practically eaten alive by people who think we are crazy and destroying our lives. It is so hurtful. I pray that these people open their eyes to the blessing that a child matter where the child comes from.



p.s. can you please email me your phone again. I cannot find the email that had it in it.

Brandi said...

AMEN girl!!!! Like Michael said, "take it and get your reward"! Remember, the questions just give us the excuse to talk about our journey! It makes me think of the Aaron Shust song "my savior, my God" when he says, "you count it strange, so once did I, before I knew my savior". Well, this walk of faith is crazy ~ but not once you put it in the context of our Savior!!!!!

Love you!!


Amber G. said...

I second that "Amen"!!

Just remember, there are a whole lot of us in that "briar patch" right alongside you. God uses the "foolishness" of the world to confound the "wise".

Its still hard, though, to hear it. We've heard it plenty, too.

May God continue to deepen your faith and may He use you to minister to the rest of your family in the long run.

Here with you...

Anonymous said...

For those of us that know all the souls in the 'WHITE House', know your hearts. And remember you guys only have to answer to our Father in heaven not man.
Love ya


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