Saturday, July 28, 2007

For all the wrongs made right....

This is my little gentleman. He opens my doors and sits me at the table when we eat.
He is such a huge blessing in our life. You see Cooper was our reversal baby. Scott and I had a vasectomy and after 5 years felt God calling us to have it reversed. After two weeks we became pregnant with twin and we lost them at 14 weeks.
The Doctors told us that we would never be able to get pregnant again because the surgery had reversed itself back..Needless to say we were devastated and heart broken. I can not remember feeling so low. We started the adoption process and spent ALOT of money and time...We were finally picked by a birth mom on one Friday afternoon. We were thrilled....On Monday morning we found out I was pregnant with This little miracle. We soon found out that the birthmom was not the one for our family..8 months later we had this little guy who gave me back what I thought I had lost. The Lord was telling me to wait on him and his timing but I was telling the Lord I had to do things my way. I'm glad he made me wait. I now know how precious the gifts these little blessings bring into your life. My heart breaks when I hear a couple say they are not going to have any more children so they do something permanent.. God uses children to bless us..He uses children to make us more like him.He will use these children to change the next generation, but so many Christians say they wont have any more because they can't afford them. When they have expensive houses and 30,000 dollar cars. What sense does that make. We can't afford to keep playing God..
I let the birth of Cooper change my life ..I let the Lord lead me to be a better mom, a mom that is so sold out to God and his plan for my family.
Now about Coop this is what I would of missed out on if we would of said no more Lord, we have enough...

His smile is contagious and it is so hard to discipline him. He is in training to be a wonderful husband and father ....He has had many first this year..He is 5 years old and has learned to ride his bike and swim...He has also learned to read..He memorizes Scripture with the best of them and loves to carry his bible around.He climbs anything, and I do mean anything.
He has alot of chores for a 5 year old but he does them all..He has to clean the living room, the sinks in the bathroom, the boys bedroom, and to clean out the van.He puts the trash in one bag and peoples things in another..He has to sit and play with his sister for 30mins each day while I'm doing other things with the older ones..This is something we have just always done..We all help with the house chores and we all help with the little ones. I taught him early on to change diapers and to change outfits...He is not afraid to be around little ones..He is a protector of his little brothers and sister..I encourage that as much as anything...We feel you have to start early to teach your children that this life is not about them..
It's so easy to raise up children to be selfish and to think that everything should revolve around them.It's alot harder to raise up children to lay themselves aside and to think about their siblings...It's a process...I believe when the bible says "Love thy neighbor" that your first neighbor is the ones you share a roof with....................................
The other day I said Coop how many kids are you going to have.? He said "I want two white babies and then I'm going to get a big van and have 5 black babies from Africa and come over to your house and let them play with your African babies." I hope you do son. Have a house full and we will always have your back...................................I say" I love you to the moon and back again" and he says" I love you to the stars and back". I know that God has huge plans for him and I pray for wisdom everyday to keep my self out of Gods way..........

On a personal note I just want to thank the Lord for giving me a 2nd chance..For making the wrongs right.....You are such an incredible father when I'm so undeserving.

Thank you for Life!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Monday, July 23, 2007

A weekend full of memories...................

We had a very busy weekend as you can tell..
I had to show you my three little ones all eating cereal and then Cooper started drinking his milk and Channie and Cullen started drinking theirs..
I train my boys early on to help around the house..Coop loves to mop.
The picture of Cullen I LOVE...Look at those eyes girls.....
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend of building memories with your family.
I have not heard a thing on baby Jo,please keep praying...

much love,

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Friday, July 20, 2007

OK I'll t ake it.......

Today was a great day..We found a sleigh baby bed and tons of little boy clothes size 12months.
It felt so good buying for him. I really felt as though he will be here one day..
I have been feeling like some people just don't get us..We were slammed pretty hard by
a family member questioning our motives. Gosh if we were doing something that was horrible
I guess I could expect someone to say something to us..We are raising up some great kids for the
Lord..We take care of our house-hold.We don't expect them too. We try and accept their life-style
yet they feel as though they can tell us how we are going to mess ours up by adopting a little boy..
If we would of listened to this same person we would be minus 3 kids right now. I remember them saying the same thing about our reversal. This person said the glamour and honey moon about all of this wont last and then we will be stuck...OK stuck with 6 great kids I'll take it.Stuck with a wonderful husband who loves me and these kids more than anything I'll take it..Raising up kids who love the Lord OK I'll take it..Having my table so full with laughter and love OK I'll take it.
Having a half dozen kids crawl in your bed and tell you how much they love you OK I'll take it.
Never feeling alone or like you don't count. OK I 'll take it. Always having someone to go with you anywhere..OK I'll take it. Always having something to laugh about.I'll take it. Crazy Sunday mornings getting ready for church..I'll take it. I'll take it all I will be stuck with these wonderful souls.....and when I get old I hope I'm stuck with tons and tons and tons of grandchildren so I'll be stuck more..................................................................

My motives for adopting is pure love for another little soul...
I believe love is a leap that can-not be denied...
So question, and then realize we are who we are and we will
make mistakes and we will get up and start a fresh day with the
love of our lives...our kids...I don't think we will regret investing in th
future. I believe more people regret living a selfish self centered life.

As Scott says."Go a head and throw me in that briar patch."

Thursday, July 19, 2007

When love takes you in and everything changes.

To all of the nay sayers out there who are afraid to take a risk beyond themselves.
Let Love take you in...When you step out on faith and do something life changing
God will be there to carry you..We know our family is supposed to cross paths with
this little guy named Joesph and we couldn't be happier...I can't wait to see what
God has in store for us......................Go ahead and do something that will change your
life and turn around and you will see the Lord there...


Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Good Morning to J.T

We prayed a prayer of protection over Joesph's little life. We pray that he would
find favor with people today where-ever he is at. I prayed that he would feel loved
and accepted..Will you please join us in praying for him and our process.
All of this paper-work is so little in God's eyes..I know he is preparing Joesph for
our family as we wait on paper work to return. I pray that our paper work here
in Alabama will find it's way to someone that will move it along quicker..favor yes I'm
asking for a little favor myself in the CSI department...
God bless you all and may we all glorify Him today in all we say and do.

much love,

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Joesph Turner

I ckecked the mail today and there is his name bright as ever on a letter.
It looked so good. It is his Dr.s apt for the cardiologist. They sent a bunch
of papers to fill out..His apt is not until September 26Th. I hope he is home.
They said if he wasn't to just call them and re schedule.
But anyway it looked so real. It looked so normal to see it...


The Boot.

Taylor took this picture.It's one of my favs.
I'm not sure why except it's kinda interesting.

Missing someone is Missing!

This morning is one day closer to bringing Joesph Turner home.
I can't wait to hold that little fellow in my arms.We were doing bible
last night and all five of the kids were sitting around Scott listening
to him teach from Gen. and I looked around and could feel for the first
time someone was missing. I notice that someone is missing from my table
as well. The empty chair sitting next to me is calling out his name.
I could tell someone was missing when I went and tucked all the kids in last night.
I could tell someone was missing when he doesn't come crawl in our bed in the
morning with the rest of the zoo crew. How can it be anything but God? The planting
of a child in your heart whom you have never met only seen on paper.
I pray for him this morning. I pray his presence will continue to fill our home.

Have a good one,

Monday, July 16, 2007

Some of my music choices>

Some of you have been shocked at some of my music choices..I just wanted to clarify.
My music on my blog is a reflection of mostly me but a few of the songs are a reflection
on my children. Tucker LOVES music and he loves Toby Mac and I want to be the kind of
mom that Loves what my children love.Sometimes that drives me right out of my comfort
zone but that's OK. I never want to be closed minded to what they love as long as it is respectful
of course. I love seeing where they will take me. I Love being on this journey with them.
It's not all about me it's all about loving one another. I love the things they love. I may have
to wear ear-plugs sometimes but they don't have to know that..:)

Busy weekened.

What a great weekend. Our whole family is in a state of rejoicing over little Joesph.
I have been real emotional over the whole situation. Taylor and I spent the day Saturday
making pictures for our friends and family to put on their fridge so they will remember to
pray for him. We made him a blanket and also a photo album that will be sent to him.
We handed out chocolate all day Sunday for our up coming chocloate kisses...
I have had friends cry with me and rejoice with me. What a privilege to have so many
christian friends. We will bringing Joesph home to a big extended family.
Cooper woke up this morning and Scott grabbed him and bunched him up in his arms
and the first thing he said was"I wished Joesph was home." Scott said I do to buddy.

Last night at bible study we are learning about the Lord's prayer. We just studied two
words last night "Our Father" I didn't realize those two little words mean so much. He was
saying you don't have to pretend that everything is alright with God because he knows.
You can pour your heart out to him and he listens. You can cry and he understands.
You don't have to pretend your perfect with him because he made you and he knows you.
He said for what ever reason your earthy father may not love you the way you think you should be loved but God is the perfect father and you are his child and he loves you just because your
you. That gave me such comfort when I think about how many hoops I try to jump through
with my own earthy father. I don't have to do anything to impress him he loves me just the way I am. As I start my week I pray that I will love my children as Christ loves me. I pray that
I can see them through the eyes of their Creator and love without expectation's.

Please be praying for our paper work from CSI
Please pray for protection over Joesph
Please pray as we prepare our house-hold

Have a great start to your week,

Saturday, July 14, 2007

More paper work out of the way.

So it's been a day of paper work to send off to get our I600a approval quicker.
Since Joesph Turner is considered "at risk" they have to speed things up on this
side. We had to write a letter and send his medical info. I sent a picture also it
couldn't hurt. I will post and let you know if this helped. Donna said it was supposed to.
.We made these cute announcements for church. We made him a photo
album and a blanket. I have made the kids a blanket and then it's "their baby." They carry
it around and sleep with it until they hit about 4.I hope Joesph carries his. I will have it
ready for him. I have to say I have been alittle overwhelmed by all that has happened these
last few days. My mind is racing from one thing to another. My fears of the future have
relaxed as the Lord reminds me he is in control. The more reading I do I find that his
condition is very common and it can be fixed. I'm thankful for skilled Dr's.
I am convinced that Jo is supposed to be here for what-ever reason. The day that Donna
was telling us about Jo and his need to get out of the Country so he could have surgery, everyone kept telling us that the big thing was MY pass-port because it had not been sent off for long and it could take as long as 6months to get back. Yikes I couldn't believe it. I pull up
to my mail-box that day and guess what My pass-port.I just stopped and thanked the Lord.
He has opened so many doors along the way that only he could..
I'm in awe with what he does if you make yourself available. We feel so blessed to have Jo
as a referral and he has already started changing our family. I pray for his safety. I pray for
his immune system that it will fight off colds and malaria. I pray that the Lord will start preparing him for us. Thanks for all of you praying and Please put him on your prayer list at
church...I love my church they have been so supportive in all ways and I'm glad to be bringing
J.T. home to such loving people. Please pray for our paper work to go through fast..


His real mama

Please pray for me as I'm having a hard time thinking about his mom letting
him go...

Joesph has the VSD very fixable here in the states.

 Office of News and Information
Division of Health Sciences
East Carolina University
Greenville, NC 27858
Contact Us
Return to ECU Homepage

Friday, July 13, 2007

A call to the DR.

I have been searching for the best Dr. for Joesph Turner and I think I found him.
He is at children's Hospital...They were able to calm some fears I've been having.
His heart condition is very fixable and he will live a normal life after surgery..
Of course they don't know without seeing him but they use on almost all heart problems
like Joesph they are able to do with a catheter..meaning not major open heart surgery.
So anyway, please continue to pray..We have him an apt for Sept 26th...I hope he is home..


Give me Love:

Give me the love that leads the way,
The faith that nothing can dismay,
The hope no disappointments tire,
The passion that will burn like fire.
Let me not sink to be a clod-
Make me Thy fuel, Flame of God.

Amy Carmichael's prayer sprang
from her experience of mothering hundreds of
Indian children:

Sleepless in the country

OK so it was a rough night.I felt like I got married or something yesterday.
Your whole life changes. You have so many decisions to make.
So I woke up and felt like I couldn't breath...I was thinking all of these negative
thoughts and I woke my sweet hubby up and he just props up on his elbow and
says "so what is bothering you the most" I said what if this what if that..He says
God already has everything worked out....Why instead of thinking of all the negative
you think of all the positive.OK I could do that......
I ask for prayer over my thoughts I pray that I will take captive every thought...
Please continue to pray for Joesph Turner as he needs to stay healthy..
Please pray for our financial provision as we thought we would have a few months
to save up money..Please pray for our household that a calm spirit would reside..

much love,

Thursday, July 12, 2007


Our family proudly announces the referral of
Joseph Turner !

Born April 17 2006
now weighs 19lbs
he is 25inches tall

Be in prayer for him, he has a heart condition and needs to be out of Liberia by September. Meanwhile we await the endless
red tape of our states bureaucracy.

His arrival is eagerly anticipated and he will be welcomed by his 5 brothers and sisters when he comes home.

Proud Parents

Scott & Robin

A picture of my sweet Taylor...She is such a great daughter and friend.
I am so privileged to be her mom.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Crazy In Alabama!!

I'm just sitting out here in the middle of these woods day dreaming about someone who is across the world from me. I keep telling myself that I will feel better after I've heard something. Who am I kidding? I wont feel better until I can hold him in my arms.....I believe the Lord is going to have to get new carpet in his waiting room because I have wore the old stuff out. He is right here with me though. I'm sure he knows how I feel waiting on a child to come home. I'm sure it's been me at times, when I chose to live "my own life". Well I am going to go out for a while and carry my cell phone with me, and breath in some bama air and re- group. I pray my phone rings sooooooon.


Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Please pray with me........

Just a request for prayer for a little guy that we have never met but have fallen in love with his sweet eyes. He is sick and is in Africa. I can't say he is mine yet official but...I hope to get an up-date tomorrow on him. So please pray that he is safe and well...It is so hard to be so far away and know you can't do anything........Prayer is so powerful and I know that he is in the father's hands.Sheltered by his wings...I want to thank my friend Brandi for such a sweet prayer over his life this afternoon. I also pray for your little guy on this his birthday. You are such a sweet person and I'm thankful to be on this journey with you......I will try and up-date as I get info. It's really hard waiting for that phone call.
Love to all and good night,

Thanking the Peg in your life...........

I am reading a book called The Shaping of A Christian Family by Elisabeth Elliot. I read a part
today that really encouraged me about my husband. It said "I will lay the key of the house of David on his shoulder;what he opens no man shall shut, and what he shuts no man shall open. He shall be a seat of honour for his father's family; I will fasten him firmly in place like a peg. On him shall hang all the weight of the family, down to the lowest dregs-all the little vessels, both bowls and pots(Isa.22:-24)
Vivid analogies here- the man with the keys. the one in charge, steward, protector,guard. Also the peg supporting all the weight of the family. If he is not firmly established in his place, recognizing its full meaning, accepting its full burden in honor before God, the family cannot help but suffer. And pegs are not noticed for the work they do, nor are they usually thanked!

So I thanked Scott this morning for being "our peg".

So want you go thank your peg this morning....:)

love ya all,

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Daddy's little girl I'll never be..

Well as most of you know tomorrow is Monday. I don't like Mondays very much because
my best friend goes back to work and it takes a few days to get the kids back on track..
The little ones cry after him when he leaves and I have to tell him to leave quietly because
when they hear that door shut they start crying..I wonder what that is like to have a daddy whom
you love being around and they love being around you. My dad was a drinker and that was his passion and it still is. I see what my children have and I for the first time realize what I missed as a little girl. I can't imagine my dad telling me how much he loved me and missed me when he was away. I can only recall a few times that he ever said he loved me. He still drinks now and so I don't see him that often and my children are missing out on a grandpa.I feel sorry for him because he is missing out on my children...He doesn't get to hold alittle soft baby or take the boys fishing or have someone hold his hand .He is alone with his alcohal. He is by himself and my house is so full. It's true what ever your passionate about will be revealed in your life..
I hope our life reveals our passion for our family and our love for the Lord and our love for all these children the Lord has blessed us with.

Looking into your eyes........

Looking into the eyes of a child you have never met and yet somewhere you think you have seen him before. Looking into the eyes of a child whom you want to take into your arms and make all things better for him.Looking into his eyes and knowing that you would give him the world if you could. You search his face, you search his body,you wonder could he love you, could he love us?
Dreaming of a day when you can see those eyes face to face and remind him that you are his and he is yours........Watching him grow. Getting tons of kisses.Snuggling.Hugging.Bathes.Lotion.Cutting up his food. Teaching him about God.Ice-cream.Car Seats.Moives.Church.Swimming.Birthdays.
Christmas.Thanksgiving.Mothers Day.Snow.Lazy Saturdays.Playing in the rain.Zoo.So many 1st
I want to experience with him..............................................

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Here is a daily routine of what our Little One is doing everyday..

Please pray with us for the little person God has for us..

Here is the basic routine of what is going on in your kids lives
from day to day= Donna

Daily routine at the infant and toddler orphanage:
7:00 - Wake up
7:30 - Baths
8:30 – Breakfast
9:00 – Play time
10:00 – Preschool
12:00 – Lunch
1:00 – Naps
3:00 – Play time (outdoors when it's not raining)
5:00 – Bath
5:30 – Supper
7:00 - Devotions
7:30 – Bedtime

Daily routine at "big" kid orphanage:
7:00 – Wake up
7:30 – Baths
8:00 - Devotions
8:30 – Breakfast
9:00 – Play time
10:00 – One class meets for school
11:00 – Another class meets for school
12:00 – Lunch
1:00 – Naps
3:00 – Another class meets for school
4:00 – Another class meets for school
5:00 – Supper
7:00 – Devotions
8:00 – Bedtime

The kids from both orphanages go on outings every once in awhile.
The big kid orphanage has been taking trips to the beach and both
orphanages have little outings like walks around the neighborhood.


One Day.

I wonder what your thinking.
I wonder what you feel.
I wonder if you know.
I wonder if you could love us.
I wonder if you dare.
I wonder if I can make it better for you?
I wonder if you know that one day
I will come for you and bring you home.
I wonder if you are scared?
I wonder if you are lonely?
I wonder if you are sleeping ?
I wonder if you feel okay
I wonder if you know that one day I
will come.

Still trying to breathe.

Well someone asked me how it felt to know that you have a child in Libera, and all I can
say is I stand in amazement at how my Lord works. You see a picture and you look into
a pair of sad eyes and you ask yourself can I see my self in his eyes? Can we cover the hurt.
Can we cover his pain. Can we make everything alright? Can I hold in and tell him how safe and
loved he is and yet I've never met him. I know that when we bring our child home we can never cover everything but only the Lord can cover and make things right for him.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Praying for a phone call .

Please pray with us as we wait for a phone call from Acres of hope this week...
I can't give alot of details right now but...............Just pray...

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Our little slice of heaven..

I love living in the country..We live on 40 acres and we built our home in the middle of it. No neighbors just dogs and cats and a horse and 2 ducks and a few chickens... I love raising our children here. The peacefulness of a summer night with the frogs chirping and the crickets. We don't have TV so I don't hear the news often so you kinda forget there is so much violence in the world when you do hear it..We home-school so we don't hear much about how bad the schools are..We're just busy living. I love being able to send my boys out to play and to explore this land like their grandfather before them. I love to see their little tents out in the yard and I love to see Taylor setting up a picnic for them..The world is so fast. No-one stops and enjoys the simple things any more it's always hurry up and get this done so we can move on to the next...Our family I guess is old fashioned I'm not sure how we came to this..We always felt a little out of sync with the world but more so when we started having children..We have such a desire to pass on our Love for the Lord to them. We want them to grow up and be sold out for God and their families not sold out to this world. It's so hard raising up these souls..You never know if your doing enough or not doing enough...You just pray that the Lord will fill in the blanks...I'm thankful to live here I hope one day that 5 or 6 little houses are around ours..( or at least not to far away):)



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