Saturday, July 14, 2007

More paper work out of the way.

So it's been a day of paper work to send off to get our I600a approval quicker.
Since Joesph Turner is considered "at risk" they have to speed things up on this
side. We had to write a letter and send his medical info. I sent a picture also it
couldn't hurt. I will post and let you know if this helped. Donna said it was supposed to.
.We made these cute announcements for church. We made him a photo
album and a blanket. I have made the kids a blanket and then it's "their baby." They carry
it around and sleep with it until they hit about 4.I hope Joesph carries his. I will have it
ready for him. I have to say I have been alittle overwhelmed by all that has happened these
last few days. My mind is racing from one thing to another. My fears of the future have
relaxed as the Lord reminds me he is in control. The more reading I do I find that his
condition is very common and it can be fixed. I'm thankful for skilled Dr's.
I am convinced that Jo is supposed to be here for what-ever reason. The day that Donna
was telling us about Jo and his need to get out of the Country so he could have surgery, everyone kept telling us that the big thing was MY pass-port because it had not been sent off for long and it could take as long as 6months to get back. Yikes I couldn't believe it. I pull up
to my mail-box that day and guess what My pass-port.I just stopped and thanked the Lord.
He has opened so many doors along the way that only he could..
I'm in awe with what he does if you make yourself available. We feel so blessed to have Jo
as a referral and he has already started changing our family. I pray for his safety. I pray for
his immune system that it will fight off colds and malaria. I pray that the Lord will start preparing him for us. Thanks for all of you praying and Please put him on your prayer list at
church...I love my church they have been so supportive in all ways and I'm glad to be bringing
J.T. home to such loving people. Please pray for our paper work to go through fast..



Anonymous said...

God is in control and He is working out the details as we speak. He is an awesome God! Hey, I would love to have a blanket for my new little one. So if you get bored......ha! I love you and will talk to you soon. I love the is so cool to find out your thoughts on a daily basis and see what is going on with the adoption.
Michael :)

Brandi said...

Oh my are we praying. I was talking to a bunch of girls at a bridal shower this morning and passing along your story so they could pray. I also told my Granny who said she wakes up in the middle of the night to cry and pray for Davis. I told her to add JT to that mix and lift him right up to our Father.

Love you Robin!


Unknown said...

we are praying for you too!!!!


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