Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Gift

Typical fall in Alabama
The leaves just made their journey to cover and protect for the cold and it's a warm 70's.

We hustled and did school and made banana nut bread and they scattered outside.
The house quiet, 
My soul thirsty for quiet.
Needing to think through some things.

Ended up crying out thank you to the Lord for all of the precious gifts in my life. When you get older you will do this often..

I'm so thankful to walk out on on the porch and not be able to see them but to hear their voices
as they were finding worms for their brother.
"Cooper, I found you a worm and a grasshopper"
Joe comes running across careful not to slip to retrieve the small bait.

My heart bursting with each click of my camera. What makes them so close?
For one I think or I guess I know, it's the farm.
We have no neighbors so they have each other.
Their days spent exploring and fishing together.
They cut down trees that get in their way and share hot fresh banana bread.
They sit on our church pew on Sunday mornings all dressed up squeaky clean listening and learning about God.They get muddy together. They also get in trouble together for not finishing a job or for making the whole house shake playing football. They get in trouble for wearing their good jeans to play tackle football in. Their knees stained with grass and little holes wearing in them. They share a small space and all their stuff gets all mixed up. They get in trouble for being sharp and for fighting over the front seat. They share the same big bed, my bed, when they're sick. 

I call them to the table by yelling come on girls it's time to eat. Guys put that football up..{I guess you can tell they really love football.}

I can lump all of them together with just one word.
For a brief season I get them 
So often we miss this season with the busy-ness of raising a family or forgetting that they're getting taller every day. They stand in your doorway after just eight hours of sleep and you notice but you try not to...They're taller.
 You buy new clothes that are one size bigger and you don't flinch. 
Each day is one step closer
remember this:

Childhood the great gift from our Lord...
It all passes so quickly

Cooper is on the edge of letting childhood go and I have watched two other of my babies make the same passage and well it just hurts. When you're so overwhelmed with littles you think to yourself the day will never come and when it does you feel it. Except now I anticipate it and it makes me stop and enjoy them and to teach them to enjoy where they are and not try to and rush one single moment of their childhood. 
But it still comes I can feel it and well the day this land is quiet with no rubber boots 
 hitting dirt or no voices to be heard when I walk out on the front porch.....
What will that be like? Will I sit in a rocking chair hair gray and think of the times when this land held all of them safely here..
There is a pull, an open invitation from the world calling for our children and I will not give them up one second before it's time.
Once they leave, the magic of their childhood vanishes with them.
They come back to visit but it's never the same.

So enjoy your gift
Thank God for these sweet moments that you get to call all of them to the table with just one word.

Love from the Farm,  


Wednesday, November 4, 2015

another harvest

Another harvest season coming and I'm always in awe at how fast the seasons come and go. It seemed the summer passed way to quickly. They're growing taller and I'm as busy as I've ever been training and loving on these still at home.

    I'm so thankful Y'all at how great the Lord is and how much love He shows me through my family. It's not perfect we're not perfect but just being able to be their mama and his wife is such a gift.

We've been busy preparing our home for something very exciting..can't wait to share this news with all of you!
What happens when you say yes to the Lord?
He shows out in a big way:) stay tuned.. 

Love From The Farm,


Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Another year to celebrate these two beautiful daughters of ours.
My heart overflowing with love and gratitude as I get to show them how much they are loved on this day September, 19th their birthday. 

On this day the big tree in the front yard was the backdrop 
to celebrate their life.

Never will I grow weary in celebrating the life around me.

 I feel as though the Lord has blessed me and given me so much more than I ever deserve and these babies are a joy to our family. 

I guess I will always call them babies because for so long we said go get the babies out of bed or lets feed the babies and that was their name for years and still is.


They are the sweetness that the Lord gave to us when we were all grieving so much. The Lord used them in our life to restore our joy and to count our blessings.   

So under that tree, the same tree they have been swinging under for years, we sang happy birthday and as we always do went around our table and everyone told one thing that they loved about each one of them.
 Such a sweet time of reminding them of the gifts that the Lord has given to them.

 Cooper made little hedge-hogs with the help of Chandler-Mae. I love the way he is so detailed.
Football is his love 
but I think we can add cookie decorations to his list of things he can do. 

 We gave way too many presents as usual and you know that it's never about the presents but I love giving them and if we go over board that's ok. This year the theme was Calico critters and calico critters they got. They also got orange crush sodas with straws and chocolate, lots of chocolate.

This little precious angel was at our table and I really like everything about her. Even her smell. 

I can't possibly forget the joy around that tree in our front yard. The memories floating up because they have grown up around that tree. Learning to walk or having a tea party. Such a special treasure to watch them celebrate there.   
Happy Birthday sweet girls,
We love you so much

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Lush Pastures

 The little girl who has complety stolen our heart turned 

The little girl who made our little girl a mama.
I remember all too well when her mama was 1 and I couldn't get enough of her. I would lay in the floor with a video camera rolling so that Scott wouldn't miss one minute of her life.
I honestly didn't think he would believe me when I told him of all the new and exciting things she did while he was away. He believed me 8 hours later as we sat and watched every second of the film starring his princess. The name stuck and he still calls her his princess and probably always will.
She was the smartest baby ever and is still amazing and our friendship started way back then all those years ago and is stronger today.  

It grew with me falling more and more in love with this daughter of mine and well it just never stopped. 

So when Marlee comes to the farm  I feel like I'm doing it all over again. Watching this little girl grow up and falling more and more in love with her at every meeting. I love her brown eyes and the curosity they seem to hold. Everything is to be touched and tasted and held. She loves shoes and carrying shoes around when she can barely balance her little self. She loves to eat and eat she does just about anything you put in front of her. Her favorite thing to play is baby. She loves babies and she carries them, holds them and pushes them. 

This farm holds so many things dear to me and when she wanted her pictures made right here in these lush pastures where she grew up I was overjoyed to do so.
I was nervous though, what if I didn't capture the shot she wanted?
What if I messed up her birthday pictures?
 I looked out over the familiar field and knew where I would find the sun and knew it was time to grab the camera and start. I underestimate the power of love everytime because when I look through my lens I see them there and I can't believe all that flashes before me. 

Taylor and John getting married
 Taylor moving three hours away
Taylor calling to say they're pregnant
The sickness that landed her in bed for 15 weeks.
All the while this little girl was growing 
We all were growing we just didn't know it.
Taking turns taking care of Taylor. The scare when the ambulance had to come get her because she passed out. 
John graduating Auburn
They moved back 
The day she didn't feel her move and how I cried out to God.  
 How we rejoiced when we heard her heartbeat fast and strong.
Flashes of our year

We were so ready for her to be here and we read that pineapple helped things along and we went and bought alot of pineapple and she ate it but nothing happend.
We walked up and down Palisades Park the place John proposed is the place we rubbed a hole in the dirt with our shoes walking and laughing because we knew it wasn't long before we would all see little Marlee.   

We waited and waited some more it felt like forever

The day she was Due Aug 28 2014 is the day she called 
and said "mama, I'm hurting but I don't want to go in for them to tell me to go home."
I smiled because every woman who's ever had a baby has said the same thing.
I told her I would be right there. We took her even though she didn't want to go I remember calling Scott and saying if you want to be here you better come now and he did. 
She was born fast and Taylor and John became parents
and we became Grandparents or Papa and Birdie.

The journey of a year flashes before me and I smile to myself because I know this has been a very good year.

God has been good to us all 

Happy Birthday Marlee Bug. I pray you know how much we all love you. Our lives have been changed because of you.
The Lord has been so gracious.
Love from the farm,

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Moon pies and Unspeakable Joy!

The Joy of buying a box of moon-pies from the local tractor supply and them thinking it's the best thing since sliced bread.

Simple Joy of laughter and good food with your brothers and sisters.
 I wonder if we have lost our joy in the hustle of the every day?   I wonder if joy is missing because so many have stopped looking for it?

The worries and the problems of this world plead with us to trade in our moments of Joy for days filled with stress and chaos.
Our children are looking,
they will follow us onto the battle-field of this life
and I want them to know that every day is a battle, it's a choice to either choose Joy or be joy-less I want them to seek hard after the Lord in this matter. They will soon enough be leading their own family in the battle of choosing.

 I can never forget that I'm in a battle for my children everyday.
Without the Joy in my home my children will find it elsewhere. They will seek out someone who loves them and accepts them but my children don't have to look very hard for acceptance and love and forgiveness and neither do I.
 It's abounding here on this farm and so the moments of Joy and laughter are also abounding.
It flickers through the trees like twinkle lights as the sun is setting.
It's everywhere.  

How can you be joyless when you have so many beautiful moments around you to revel in.
 My children are joyful. My children are cheerful and for me that's half the battle of parenthood. 
 The Lord has been so good to us all and not every day is filled with moon-pies and great sunsets but the Joy of the Lord should be sought after in all of life's circumstances.
It's my job to point to them and encourage them to seek the Lord's Joy.

True Joy is always found if you're looking.       

I am overwhelmed with my children and my grandchild.
I am grateful for every ounce of them and I lavish my love on them.

They know that I'm their biggest fan and I know their flaws and believe me they have them but I don't dwell there because I know their flaws will become some incredible teaching ground for the Lord. The Lord will use their weakness to grow them into the men and women he wants them to be.   

He does that in my own life.

It's my job to train them, in part, to be a joyful and grateful people in spite of their flaws.    

 I will continue to make their childhood one filled with joy.
I will pour out my life to make each one of them know that they're not just number four or six, but they are my favorite. I study and I learn and I re-learn things about them that make me stand before my loving Father and go 'seriously' you give me the privilege of being his/her mom? What have I done in your sight that grants such a gift as wonderful as this.  

 I am the one
that gets to teach these to walk and talk and I get to hold these when they're sick. I get to cuddle with these when they're scared or confused. I get to brush hair and brush tiny teeth. I get to make a pot of soup and home-made bread and bring it to them and watch them light up because it's their favorite. I get to stand on the side-lines and cheer for my son or laugh at my girls when they're being silly. I get to watch them play in the rain and take them for ice-cream.
I get to 

So I stay focused and look for ways to show them I adore them above all 

and when they leave this gravel road one day they will not have to seek after acceptance because they will have been bathed in it on this farm.
and their biggest fans will only be a phone call away.

love from the farm

Monday, August 17, 2015

A Tangled Up Mess

 I don't want to forget them dancing. The way their little feet fit into little ballet slippers and the way their tooth-less grins smiled when they would look at themselves as they floated  across the room together as sisters.
as dancers, as best friends and daughters.

I love how un-complicated it is to watch them grow along side each other.
Not really at the age of caring about themselves quite yet just glad that when you  go to bed at night and the darkness seems to dark you're not really alone when you can crawl into your sisters bed. 
When you put on your dance shoes and their just there to laugh with you and dance with you in this one moment in time.

This growing up of daughters always has my heart in a tangle. 

Their little hearts and souls so tied to mine that even if I tried to find where the tangle was I couldn't and I really wouldn't want to.

  Seeing them dance and knowing that their childhood is just so fleeting. 
Their little dance shoes will not fit next year and things will have changed I'm sure.

Time always has a way about her. 
I've figured her out and I've seen the way she blurs your days to make you
think you have forever.
you don't

 I adore these daughters of mine their very smile and their very essence is such a true gift that I honestly cannot give praise enough to the Giver.
I'm thankful I figured out ballet shoes will not fit 
and time will not stand still for anyone.  


 The beauty cannot be captured. I cannot look at this picture long enough without remembering it was just so much perfect this day. Them dancing in little shoes and me snapping away.
Moments that I see so clearly but they don't see.
I see milestones of growing and the blossoming that is taking place as they stretch and move.
They see a dance class
I see the beginning of them being them.
I see the un-tangling beginning and with every ounce of me trying to keep it all a  tangled up mess.
They are growing up and I am growing older
but they don't seem to notice either yet.

Their just busy








and me 
Remembering to live in this moment

Love from the farm,


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