Monday, July 16, 2007

Busy weekened.

What a great weekend. Our whole family is in a state of rejoicing over little Joesph.
I have been real emotional over the whole situation. Taylor and I spent the day Saturday
making pictures for our friends and family to put on their fridge so they will remember to
pray for him. We made him a blanket and also a photo album that will be sent to him.
We handed out chocolate all day Sunday for our up coming chocloate kisses...
I have had friends cry with me and rejoice with me. What a privilege to have so many
christian friends. We will bringing Joesph home to a big extended family.
Cooper woke up this morning and Scott grabbed him and bunched him up in his arms
and the first thing he said was"I wished Joesph was home." Scott said I do to buddy.

Last night at bible study we are learning about the Lord's prayer. We just studied two
words last night "Our Father" I didn't realize those two little words mean so much. He was
saying you don't have to pretend that everything is alright with God because he knows.
You can pour your heart out to him and he listens. You can cry and he understands.
You don't have to pretend your perfect with him because he made you and he knows you.
He said for what ever reason your earthy father may not love you the way you think you should be loved but God is the perfect father and you are his child and he loves you just because your
you. That gave me such comfort when I think about how many hoops I try to jump through
with my own earthy father. I don't have to do anything to impress him he loves me just the way I am. As I start my week I pray that I will love my children as Christ loves me. I pray that
I can see them through the eyes of their Creator and love without expectation's.

Please be praying for our paper work from CSI
Please pray for protection over Joesph
Please pray as we prepare our house-hold

Have a great start to your week,


Amber G. said...

I'm so glad you have so many people supporting you through this process. Joseph is a very loved little boy!!

We're praying that this season of preparation is a blessed time for your whole family as you anticipate JT's homecoming!


Anonymous said...

It is so exciting! Isn't it awesome to already feel not only a connection to a child you have never met, but to already love him!! Oh how I can't wait to meet him! We are praying for the White family!
Hugs to everyone.....
Love you,
Michael :)

Anonymous said...

My Dearest Friend:
I can see the foot prints that you
and your family have made in this world. I know that Little Joseph will have foot prints also, but right now they are on your heart.
Keep the faith.And we will keep a
light on. Your Best FRiend

Just A Family said...

Ok mom I know thats you. Thanks for your support...


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