Monday, July 16, 2007

Some of my music choices>

Some of you have been shocked at some of my music choices..I just wanted to clarify.
My music on my blog is a reflection of mostly me but a few of the songs are a reflection
on my children. Tucker LOVES music and he loves Toby Mac and I want to be the kind of
mom that Loves what my children love.Sometimes that drives me right out of my comfort
zone but that's OK. I never want to be closed minded to what they love as long as it is respectful
of course. I love seeing where they will take me. I Love being on this journey with them.
It's not all about me it's all about loving one another. I love the things they love. I may have
to wear ear-plugs sometimes but they don't have to know that..:)


Brandi said...
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Anonymous said...

I know what you mean! Logan is a BIG Toby Mac fan. In fact, I think it was Tuck that introduced him to it. We went to one of his concerts and I loved it because he did! It is still singing about our Lord and Savior, just in a little different way! I love seeing Logan jamming to Jesus! ha!
Love ya,
Michael :)

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with my music?


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