Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Thanking the Peg in your life...........

I am reading a book called The Shaping of A Christian Family by Elisabeth Elliot. I read a part
today that really encouraged me about my husband. It said "I will lay the key of the house of David on his shoulder;what he opens no man shall shut, and what he shuts no man shall open. He shall be a seat of honour for his father's family; I will fasten him firmly in place like a peg. On him shall hang all the weight of the family, down to the lowest dregs-all the little vessels, both bowls and pots(Isa.22:-24)
Vivid analogies here- the man with the keys. the one in charge, steward, protector,guard. Also the peg supporting all the weight of the family. If he is not firmly established in his place, recognizing its full meaning, accepting its full burden in honor before God, the family cannot help but suffer. And pegs are not noticed for the work they do, nor are they usually thanked!

So I thanked Scott this morning for being "our peg".

So want you go thank your peg this morning....:)

love ya all,

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Anonymous said...

Reply from the peg,

My most beautiful, and adorable wife...I enjoy being your peg.
I will always let you hold on tightly to me. I pray to be a peg that will not crumble or grow rusty with age. I pray that I will only grow stronger and allow more and more for you to rest on me and for our children to rest one me.

Thank you for "hanging in there with me"

Love Scott


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