dwashburn said...

I can't believe I've not checked out your blog before now, but I think today may have been my first time, and what a most pleasant visit! I'm in love, in fact.

Do you do the photography? It is beautiful. The music is soothing and calming, just like home should be.

I'm so proud to say I know someone from our small town that really gets it and lives it out. I'm honored to know you and hope to get to know you more. Blessings to The White House!

Shoshannah said...

Hi there, I wrote to you long ago and mentioned some troubles we have been having with some of our adopted children. We have a total of 13 childre, f5 of whom are adopted. You were so sweet and welcomed us to come visit you! We, who are strangers, were invited to come stay with you so that we could fellowship together and talk more. I can't tell you how grateful I was for such encouragement from a sister in The Lord whom I have never met (but hope to some day). Thank you so much! Our children are doing better. One, in particular seems to have yielded herself to The Lord and is changing into a beautiful young woman, inside and out. Her sister is still a challenge, but I am learning to be patient and wait on God to change her heart and trust he will do so. Taylor leaving must be difficult, yet you have so much to rejoice in concerning your daughter. Gid bless you as your family continues to change. I hope to meet you someday.

sixgunsue said...
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sixgunsue said...

Ok, you had me at Rosebud. By seriously, I have found a soul family. I have just discovered your blog by accident and am SO glad I did! We have much, MUCH in common! We have a family Jersey as well!
We are a family of 9. I am 45, my husband is 43 and we had a miracle baby girl 2 yrs ago.
We had adopted in the past.. 13 yrs ago, 2 little sisters from So. Cal. They were 2 1/2 and newborn.
We now live in CT. on a tiny farm. We so do not want our little girl to be alone because she is 11 yrs behind our last daughter. Our oldest is 24! We'd love to adopt and there is much more to our story. I have HG during pregnancy too. It's a long story and I would love to chat with you about your adoption sometime. I'm standing at a crossroad but my heart knows we aren't done yet and my husband seems to know that too. I have a real desire to talk it over with you because our familes are some similar. I about died when I saw your son with one of the little girls in a backpack cooking dinner. I have a nearly identical pic. of my son with our lil one in a dinner! You are the friend and sister I have been looking for! I hope you can email me back. I know you are so busy so no pressure. Best to you, you are a great family!
Sue Taylor in CT.

it"s me said...

Love seeing your beach vacation pics. So fun to have traditions and memories like those. Have you added another sweet one to the bunch? I think I keep seeing a sweet baby girl..maybe I missed something.
Congrats on soon becoming grandparents!

LP said...

The Lord led me to your article (All In) and it spoke directly to my heart...on several levels. We also have two older children who are now married. Yes, we knew as they were growing up that they would get married but, like you said that was years from now, years and years. But suddenly it was now and I was not ready. Letting our son and oldest daughter go was one of the hardest things I've ever done. Our son's mother-in-law has been my dear friend for years and she told me you are never ready. The gamut of emotions took me by complete and grief were my companions and then joy, grief, joy, fear, joy, anger, joy, excitement and more joy. There was no Titus 2 woman on the path just ahead of me that I could watch and get an understanding of what was happening. Parents had been going through this for generations?! Really?! It felt all new to me. It felt like someone had cut off both my arms and very much like a death.
Then I saw pictures of your dear family and I had to smile at the similarities to ours! I smiled, too, at the Lord's great faithfulness when we had not been faithful.
We have two older children and then a 17-year-gap and two little daughters the Lord abundantly blessed us with. He blessed us through the miracle of adoption and we were able to bring them home from the hospital at just a couple of days old. The Lord even allowed me to nurse them. So our children are now 25, 23, 6 and 4. Don't you love the Lord's thoughts and plans!
It was such a blessing to see your older married children, your grandbaby and your younger children. What a full, rich life the Lord has blessed us with in spite of our sins. We also have one grandbaby, so far.
Sometimes I pinch myself and ask, "Can this really be?! Is this the life the Lord is blessing us to live?! I get to do this!" The Lord is so good to us.

Jen in Al said...

Hey sweet friend! It's been awhile since I have visited your corner of the blogosphere! I have missed your words, my friend. They are like taking a nice big breath of fresh sweet air and exhaling slowly. Thank you for continuing to share about the goings on of your sweet farm! I thank God for you and your precious family! I hope we get to see yall soon! Much Love, Jen Key

interested friend said...

I’ve recently stumbled upon your blog and was drawn to read your blog posts from the beginning.... and I’m looking forward to an update.


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