Saturday, May 26, 2007


Well we found out on Thursday that my finger prints were rejected so I would
have to do them again...Scott's came back fine so there you go.......I should of waited
on my husband.
We have our last home-study visit on Saturday and it should be pretty cut and dry.
After that we wait for our1600 to come back but in the mean time we can send all
of our stuff to Acres and they start looking for us a baby....So if my finger prints would
of came back it would of been possible a couple weeks before we sent our stuff to Acres
but now it may be a month..
Either way things seem to be moving alittle anyway..


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Ok back on it today..

Sorry for just now getting back to the blog thing everyone around here has
been sick......
We are getting down to the wire as far as our homestudy goes.
We got more of our paperwork in today and everything is done except
for our last visit by our social worker and our fingerprints back from the state..
It has really seemed like a fast process thus far and I can't wait to get everything
turned in to AOH....After we turn in our stuff to acres we should get a referral
between 1-3 months......and then it takes 1 month to get our childs passport and
we travel 2 weeks later..Could we get Champbell home before Christmas???????
Ok I wont go there I don't want to get my hope's up...
I have been doing alot of reading on how you should discipline an adopted child.
People on acres site seem to be split on the subject. I agree with the ones that
say Gods word is sufficient on the subject.....We plan to discipline Champbell just like
we do our own children because she will be our child...

Anyway thanks to God for his blessings,

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mothers Day

Today is my 14Th mothers day. I have to admit that I love being a mother more than
anything else in the world except of course being the wife to my wonderful husband.
I love what one of my favorite authors wrote about mothers.
Motherhood is definitely a serving role.
I think this is why we manage to be better with
each succeeding child. We gradually learn to
to let go of our selfishness and realize that our greatest joy
is in serving others, rather than being served.But,oh, how easy
it is to forget! I have to admit that I have been guilty of stomping
around the house,exclaiming, "I am just a servant around this place!"
Then the voice of the Holy Spirit speaks to my heart and says,
"Nancy, isn't that what I came to do?"
How is it we think we are above God himself.. We get tired of serving so we gripe and complain.
This is not the heart of God. We should not tire of serving our family we should do it with a full
heart and it should overflow like milk and honey... This does not happen natural, we can not
do this without Gods help everyday. I mess up and I go before God and ask forgiveness and then I humbly go before my children and ask for them to forgive their mother, and they always do.
I love seeing all those brown eyes looking at me and knowing one day they wont be around as
much and so I soak them in now...I look forward to waking up each and everyday and knowing I have them to share my day with.....I pray that God will continue to send us little ones in what ever way he see's fit because I want to grow old with LOTS of little ones around my table and my heart........

So Happy Mothers Day to all and let us not forget to serve with a joyful heart and our children will learn from us..

Friday, May 11, 2007

Just another day in paradise..

Well not much new today on the adoption front.
We have been yard saleing today and visiting some
friends . I was hoping we had received some paper work
we have been waiting on but no such luck...
For mother's day the kids bought me a bracelet that
has Africa engraved on it with a heart hanging down.
We go visit my mom tomorrow and also my brothers should
be fun.....

gotta go...


Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Waiting on paper work to come in..

Well another day and hoping some of our paper work comes in today..
We are considering hosting a Liberian festival at our house.
This is where everyone that lives in the south would bring their adopted kids
and the older ones would teach the younger ones the traditions and things they
remember from the country.There would be lots of food and dancing and
everyone could bring tents and campers.....
I think this would become so important to our adopted children...
It would be a great thing for our family to learn about the culture ete.......
So be praying God's will in this direction.

have a great one,

Still remembering our friends the Boyds this morning.......

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Meeting with our social worker went well.

Hello we met with Jenn on Monday and things went real well and real fast.
I was glad of that. She will now come out to our home then just waiting on
prints to come back ete.....
Please pray everything comes in this week or the first of next week..
Alot of families on our adoption group got their referral's this week
and the kids look very cute and for the most part healthy....
I can't wait for our turn..

Please say a prayer for our friends Gary and Jane as they have lost
a baby....It really hit me hard reading about the baby's heart beat
not being there..Scott and I went through losing twins at 14 weeks
because there was no heart beat and I know they must be sooo
sad right now.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

How can you miss someone you never met?

well today we missed Campbell..How can that be you ask yourself.
I'm not really sure.We just know she is missing from our table and
our life....I want her to be here so we can take her to church with us
and fight to keep her quite. I want to buy her favorite cereal when we
go shopping just because she likes it. I want to do her hair and buy her
clothes. I want to tuck her in at night and tell her the story of how she was
chosen to be with us. I want to look at her skin and notice the difference and
be proud of that difference. I want to look inside of her and find out just as
I have with all of my kids what makes them tick and how they show love
and feel love. I want to cuddle her and let her know that she will be OK.
I want to hear her voice mingled with the voices of her brothers and sisters.
I want her to be home yesterday..........

Please pray that someone will hold her and feed her today...

Please pray for our home-study meeting tomorrow.

Scott and I will have our 2nd meeting with Jenn tomorrow.
Please pray that who we are as a couple and parents come out.
Thank you all for the encouraging letters and support.
Scott and Robin

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Wow a great adoption day!!

Well lets see this morning we got a call from the post office letting us know
they found the birth certificate...Yeah!!!!! I got the kids medicals sent off.
I got our I600 sent off....I called insurance company,they have to send us
a letter letting Acres Of Hope know that Campbell will be covered by insurance
the moment she sets foot of American all in all this was a wonderful
productive day in bringing our little girl home...

I have to say its alot like being pregnant..I'm emotional and I go through so many
different emotions in one day..from being scared to being so anxious..
The kids are also going through emotional stuff....Scott had a sit down family
meeting this morning before he left to just kinda keep everyone on the same
page...I love that man.....

As alot of you may know we went and met with the Social worker yesterday
for our first meeting..She was really sweet and I don't think we said anything
We have another meeting on Monday to discuss our childhoods....Its a one hour
one on one meeting and so that should be fun.....but after that the next Monday
she will come to our home and then that's it......

Just keep praying for all of our paper work...We have paper work needing to come
in from several different places for our dossier.....

Over all its been a great start to our week.....

Please say a little prayer for Campbell that someone will hold her today and love
on her....



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