Monday, November 26, 2012

May my steps be steady

Teaching my children to stay the course is harder as they get older.

Walk on and don't be tempted by the things of this world; the people of this world. Keep your eyes fixed on the Lord's plan for your life, don't become so familiar with ease that you crave it. The valley, the hard times, is and will be some of the most life changing.

We memorize scripture a lot more lately because in my time of 20 years of mothering and homeschooling I am realizing that what my children need the most is scripture. As I see my oldest making adult decisions I see them going back to the word of God in their life. I used to fret and worry that one of them didn't get their math problems right, well now I know that getting relationships right is a lot more important. As they become adults you will realize that math they can get eventually but trying to teach humility and meekness is almost impossible if you wait. 

 If you have small ones in your home please understand your time. Really, your window is so small to teach those in your care. The clock is ticking and you have to so surround them with God and His word that everything they touch, smell, eat or drink is all because of the Lord's goodness to them. Teach them gratitude. So glad we taught this early with my older ones. I can't imagine trying to teach it now at 20;)

So often, when families have adults and little ones the little ones get left to themselves a lot because the parents are busy with counseling and getting their older ones to the next level that they take their eyes off the younger ones and their window of opportunity closes. We must stay on course. We must not think because they're small now that we have plenty of time. Keep on the road He has planned out for you. To raise up a generation of children that can pass down to their children the knowledge of Him. A hefty load of responsibility and for the mom of young adults some days I'm just wiped out but I can't be, I have little ones who need the instruction and training I gave the older ones. 

My eyes have to be steady on the future and I cannot grow weary.

Psalm 119 1-8
  You're blessed when you stay on course, walking steadily on the road revealed by God. 2You're blessed when you follow his directions, doing your best to find him. 3 That's right - you don't go off on your own; you walk straight along the road he set. 4 You, God, prescribed the right way to live; now you expect us to live it. 5 Oh, that my steps might be steady, keeping to the course you set; 6 Then I'd never have any regrets in comparing my life with your counsel. 7 I thank you for speaking straight from your heart; I learn the pattern of your righteous ways. 8 I'm going to do what you tell me to do; don't ever walk off and leave me.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

7 ways to make your kids feel more loved.

Take them to the edge of the sea and tell them who made it.
Teach them how God loves details and these gifts are ours to enjoy.

Love their daddy.
Kiss him and adore him right in front of them.
They may seem embarrassed but truly
this makes their heart jump inside.

Cultivate love between brothers and sisters.
Let them work along side each other then have
fun along side each other.
Cheer for the same team, any team, but make it a part of who
you are as a family.
 (For best results bama works best ;) 

 Pick them up and twirl them around in your arms; body small.
Take it all in and remind them of God's goodness by allowing them to be in your family. They are a gift to you and to each other, remind them often. 

 Love on them a lot...
Even when they're older.
Be silly and make them laugh.We get so caught up
in being serious but there is a time when laughter is the best medicine.

 Don't let your touch seem hesitant or tense.
Don't let your hugs be few and far between.
(In fact stop reading and go hug them now).

Spontaneously chase them down the beach
and grab them up and tell them over and over
how much you love them.

They should not have to wonder.

Teach them to love

 Show them how to love.

 and they will love you in their own way in return
they're different than you are and they each show it differently.

 Take them out after walking on the beach to this little pub that sits directly in front of the ocean winds and share a feast with them.
Pack your table with food and drink
Don't look around at what people think
Don't worry about the noise they make
Bask for a moment in the creation of your God made family
and smile and breathe in the goodness of this moment.

 At the end of your dinner, bellies full and goodbyes said to the sea,
make sure you collect all the love letters that they wrote to you while
you were basking. 

Remember to watch for the unexpected, love when you don't feel like it
and run this race of parenthood until your nikes are worn out.  

Thursday, November 15, 2012

My Birthright

The farm is staying busy even though the cold has come in to the deep south.
The cold always surprises me for some reason. I know it's coming and yet when that first frosted morning arrives I'm always thinking, "wow, that was quick".
My body longing for the heat.  

We added a little girl named Willow to our farm. She is being raised with the cow and the pigs, chickens and rabbits and the kids. She is such a beautiful little gift and I love seeing her as she is preparing to stand guard over this farm. Work in progress mind you, but aren't we all?

 Rosebud is doing well. She is lonely most days since we lost Sammy and so we spend lots of time with her. She likes being next to the pigs so we stake her out and let her spend her hours soaking up the aroma of her brothers/sisters. We have finally felt the 'farm life is not easy' on a whole new level. Spending 7 hours out in the cold trying to save Sammy from bloat, the vet didn't give us much hope.

We kept fighting though and yet we still lost him. The next day we wanted to sell the farm and move into a nice comfortable home in suburbia. Its was hard...bodies ached from the hours of cold but we dragged through the day after and each day became brighter with the realization that our other animals needed us. So you just keep on..gurarded a little more, but keep on moving.

We work together as well as grieve together so when it's feed buying day everyone grabs a bag and takes it to the shed. I love seeing them work. They don't complain about the job. I'm not sure why. Maybe it's because I'm out there with them. Maybe it's because their whole life has been about this place. This time. Them together doing work. Doing what needs to be done and believe me, there is always some kind of work. I truly believe a common goal planted early in their mind is part of it. 

They really don't know any difference. You just get up and start working. If you complain it's really silly because everyone around you is working..We didn't always have this mindset. When the two oldest were young we watched a lot of tv and I found out that getting things done was easier if I just did it while they were asleep. I didn't expect them to do anything so when Taylor turned 5 and I was convinced I had ruined her we made some changes. We never looked back. We realized at that point that giving our children the easy life was going to make it harder on them in the real world.   

 I believe when we lost the farms and folks started moving into the city people forgot about work. They traded their cows in for cars and boats. They traded their tractors for bigger houses.They traded their work in for the life of ease, ripping from our hands the very thing that our country and nation was based
So many can't even get kids to take out the trash much less put in a 5-6 hour work day mucking out stalls, cutting wings, breading rabbits, keeping up a winter green house, hanging clothes out when your hands freeze from the dampness, making bread and trying your hand at soap, teaching little ones to read and older ones how to get along in this world. It all takes effort and time and seems to me most people have neither these days.   

I laugh because I've lost more than a cow in my lifetime.
I've learned that your world crashes hard and fast in a blink of an eye
and the busyness is not worth one minute of time unless you're around
the people you love. Nothing I could do outside of this house is more important than being focused and intentional with my mothering.
I pile books high around my bed and read to them and have them read to me.
I braid hair and pray for them as I feel their little frames relax at my touch.
I dress baby dolls
and make their favorite meals
play games
and watch a little 3 year old roll out dough every single night
at 5.30 for "her rolls". She slowly takes dough and rolls out about 30 little
dough balls. It relaxes her and she knows when it's time when she smells
food coming from the kitchen. 

I'm tired and just like you my time is valuable but I have seen what
time can do. Their legs grow long. The time for leaving short.
I press on 
 I take pictures to remember the time here.
I teach lessons
I teach them not to mind the work.
The work makes the rest better.

 I remember my birthright. I will not take it for granted nor will I sell it for a cup of soup. I will let it sink in to my very soul and remind my children of the responsibility of their birthrights. We were chosen to live when so many die. I will not grow weary and least I do, it won't be for long because I have too much to teach and too much to learn.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

My soul

Being Thankful....
Fathers not provoking
Not being angry
Not being nitpicky

Harsh words spoken
hearts closed
Please open him back up to joy
color leaves 
cold feet
babies playing hair-do
late morning with Scott
daughters who love to cook
bible time

Lazy Saturday basking, clothes hanging on the line, 
green house with girls eating kale.
The weather perfect. 
My heart healing from a summer of personal reflection.
God's perfect plan for me feels different then ever before. 
Moving on and walking through a door I have never walked through hard.   

Babies growing up.
Breeze blowing in my face.
Sun warm, your sunshine so warm
so peaceful, relaxing, generous
Thoughts clear
air fresh

Moments to rest, to reason, to bask in Your glory Lord.
Friends move on...
little pieces of my heart gone.
Enjoying my life anyway

Baby William rejoicing in heaven,
singing with the angels.

Life all around me
Games being played
Lady bugs, airplanes, blue skies
leaves fall, grass fades
her foot steps on hardwood searching for me
gates locked to keep others out
to keep me in

My bedroom a place of peace.
No rushing, no going from one place to the next 
Just sitting a spell and taking a breath
and saying,
"Thank you Lord,
for all of this".


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