Saturday, July 28, 2007

For all the wrongs made right....

This is my little gentleman. He opens my doors and sits me at the table when we eat.
He is such a huge blessing in our life. You see Cooper was our reversal baby. Scott and I had a vasectomy and after 5 years felt God calling us to have it reversed. After two weeks we became pregnant with twin and we lost them at 14 weeks.
The Doctors told us that we would never be able to get pregnant again because the surgery had reversed itself back..Needless to say we were devastated and heart broken. I can not remember feeling so low. We started the adoption process and spent ALOT of money and time...We were finally picked by a birth mom on one Friday afternoon. We were thrilled....On Monday morning we found out I was pregnant with This little miracle. We soon found out that the birthmom was not the one for our family..8 months later we had this little guy who gave me back what I thought I had lost. The Lord was telling me to wait on him and his timing but I was telling the Lord I had to do things my way. I'm glad he made me wait. I now know how precious the gifts these little blessings bring into your life. My heart breaks when I hear a couple say they are not going to have any more children so they do something permanent.. God uses children to bless us..He uses children to make us more like him.He will use these children to change the next generation, but so many Christians say they wont have any more because they can't afford them. When they have expensive houses and 30,000 dollar cars. What sense does that make. We can't afford to keep playing God..
I let the birth of Cooper change my life ..I let the Lord lead me to be a better mom, a mom that is so sold out to God and his plan for my family.
Now about Coop this is what I would of missed out on if we would of said no more Lord, we have enough...

His smile is contagious and it is so hard to discipline him. He is in training to be a wonderful husband and father ....He has had many first this year..He is 5 years old and has learned to ride his bike and swim...He has also learned to read..He memorizes Scripture with the best of them and loves to carry his bible around.He climbs anything, and I do mean anything.
He has alot of chores for a 5 year old but he does them all..He has to clean the living room, the sinks in the bathroom, the boys bedroom, and to clean out the van.He puts the trash in one bag and peoples things in another..He has to sit and play with his sister for 30mins each day while I'm doing other things with the older ones..This is something we have just always done..We all help with the house chores and we all help with the little ones. I taught him early on to change diapers and to change outfits...He is not afraid to be around little ones..He is a protector of his little brothers and sister..I encourage that as much as anything...We feel you have to start early to teach your children that this life is not about them..
It's so easy to raise up children to be selfish and to think that everything should revolve around them.It's alot harder to raise up children to lay themselves aside and to think about their siblings...It's a process...I believe when the bible says "Love thy neighbor" that your first neighbor is the ones you share a roof with....................................
The other day I said Coop how many kids are you going to have.? He said "I want two white babies and then I'm going to get a big van and have 5 black babies from Africa and come over to your house and let them play with your African babies." I hope you do son. Have a house full and we will always have your back...................................I say" I love you to the moon and back again" and he says" I love you to the stars and back". I know that God has huge plans for him and I pray for wisdom everyday to keep my self out of Gods way..........

On a personal note I just want to thank the Lord for giving me a 2nd chance..For making the wrongs right.....You are such an incredible father when I'm so undeserving.

Thank you for Life!


Amber G. said...

What a great smile he has... I loved the black and white picture!

Thanks so much for your encouraging email, Robin... it was just what I needed. We are learning to trust God in such a deeper way, and it means the world to know that there are others out there who can relate to the process we're in.

Bless you!

Brandi said...

Love you sweet friend. I was just getting ready to email you. . .I love the post on Cooper and can't wait to meet him.

I'm so thrilled that the God of the universe has chosen to bless me with extra blessings in this process. Not only, do I get to "live my dream" and bring home the sweetest boy in the world, but I've made wonderful friends who I know will last a lifetime!


Anonymous said...

Hey Rob,

God is so good! We have been through so much together and apart.ha! God moves everytime we talk and I love that about us and Him! well..... I can't really say what all I want to say on the comment box, I would run out of room.ha! Cooper is such a blessing and he was a gift from God, as well as all your children. God has big plans for that little man and you helped make that happen by putting that area of your lives back in God's hands! What a great testimony! I love you!

Michael :)

S and K said...

Thanks for posting this. It made me cry! What a blessing you sweet boy is!


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