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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Yield gently

I can't help but miss this space. The place that reminds me to be intentional.
The everyday place where I put fingers to keys and hope that I do the day justice.
I have had very little time or motivation to be here lately. Maybe it's her leaving or maybe
it's because my world is changing so much and I'm trying to shift through and make a new start.
Either way I'm here.. 

We took a trip to a local apple orchard and learned all things apples and all things bees.
The boys seemed to like the fried apple pies the best and the girls loved painting pumpkins. 
I cherish these times off the farm when we get to catch up with old friends and learn something new.

 As the girls get older I'm trying to teach them to yield gently.
I did our bible study on how sometimes yielding to others can still be ugly if we do it all wrong.
 I explained to them how when you yield to oncoming traffic you do it very carefully and  intentionally and we have to yield gently when we are dealing with others. Just because you let someone go first or give them the biggest piece of cake if your attitude is one of anger and frustration you might as well consider the state of your heart as being a big wreck.
We all get frustrated and want our way but yielding gently is intentionally letting God be glorified first and then others and lastly yourself. Hard Stuff to learn for me but as I gently weave the threads of my love through their everyday I want it to be just a part of them. So I keep on sewing this into the fabric of their very soul and their every day.  
2 Timothy 2:24 says, "The servant of the Lord must not strive, but be gently unto all men, apt to teach, patient..." Kind hearted is what I pray for them..Putting away their self and always searching for ways to bless and encourage others.This does not happen everyday at my house I assure you, but as we practice, learn and pray I see this yielding gently more and more.
 The growing up is going on over this way. The air is cooler and the tree is losing her leaves.
My favorite time of the year. 
I'm helping her pack her bedroom up and putting stuff in boxes and I'm practicing what I preach about 
yielding gently, letting her slowly push past me and resisting the urge to hold her back. 
But instead looking forward to her future with her new husband and the exciting journey of togetherness.
Yes, this is hard, in case you're wondering.
Tears are abounding around here. Pictures that have followed her around this house as she
has changed bedrooms are coming off the wall. Her 20+ years of stuff being crammed in the back
of his car for their new home. Brothers and sisters feeling the breeze of change and looking to me for reassurance. Most days I can reassure and some days we just cry.

Cullen is a sympathetic crier and in case you don't have one of those let me explain the beauty of having one of these special people in your home.
You're watching a movie and you cry and he will say "mama, don't cry" to which I say
"Cullen, it's just a movie" and bam just like that he's crying with you.
Taylor has been crying tears of growing pains lately and Cullen will be sitting across from her with
big fat tears sliding down his face.
He cries with you and it doesn't matter the reason. Happy, Sad, movie, hurt..He's just there with
you body, soul and tears..I wish more people could be like Cullen.  
 I have finally realized that all the years of training Taylor are for this.
The moving on.
 The marriage.
The leaving. 
 I trained her then so that she could do now.
Psalm 145:4 says, "One generation shall praise thy works to another, and shall declare thy mighty acts."  
Yes, training is hard work when you have lots of littles but remember you are not just training them for this day but for the future. Your influence is powerful and far-reaching. They, just like Taylor,
will leave one day and I pray that we are diligent in their training and the
 next generation will Praise Him.   
That's what it's all really about in the end. 

Praising The Lord and having our children tell their children.

Love from the Farm


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