Thursday, June 28, 2007

I thought this was thought provoking:)

Just some thoughts from this morning~
* I was reading some through Prov. 31 this early am and again was struck by the part that says, "...but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised..." To fear the Lord is to not fear man. To fear the Lord -- it's to know and LIVE OUT that He alone is God.

* This verse really meant a lot to me -- I was thinking about how when I know I've been slandered and gossiped about how there is a temptation to worry about what others might be thinking about me, to feel a need to defend myself, to expose those who are in the wrong -- to "fear" others over fearing God. But when I fear God, I don't need to fear man. I can trust that He will take care of all things.

* In the world there are woman being praised for all sorts of things. Mainly for charm and beauty. The first part of this verse (31:29) says these two things are deceitful...

* a woman who fears the Lord is not deceitful. She can be sincere because she doesn't fear what man thinks. She can be real and open, even with her faults... not afraid to appear "human" ("who can say, "I have made my heart pure; I am clean from my sin?" Prov. 20:9) to others because she rests and trusts in the Lord and knows that the work He has begun in her will be perfected until the day of Christ Jesus. Who she is, is all about Him, not about her.

"... the fear of man lays a snare, but whoever trust in the Lord is safe!" Prov. 29:25

God Is Good...All the time

Isn't it wonderful how God renews our faith and our strength? I praise Him for how he sends the Holy Spirit among us to renew us and to speak to our hearts. I am so encouraged by my beautiful and Christ seeking wife! She is truly a Lady in all ways. Her heart for our children is always true and focused on their growth, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. She is an incredible wife, constantly seeking to serve me and to please me. I am blessed by God to have this beautiful help-meet. I pray that each one of my children can be given a spouse as wise and beautiful as the spouse God gave me.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Gosh I sent out the letter that Scott wrote me concerning our adoption hoping it would encourage others, and we got slammed..The lady wrote and said we had an air of superiority to our tone..
Sometimes what you mean for Good the devil uses for bad..We would never say or do anything to lead people to think we are better than anyone else....Oh well we move on........

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Attention baby has been found...whew!!!Thank you Lord.

Lost baby alert......

For those of you that know Cullen our 2 year old you know that he has a very special blankie
that we call baby..Well baby has come up missing and I have looked every where. I would usually know that it was somewhere in the house but I took a van load of stuff to good will today.
Please pray with me that baby is not somewhere in a strange place lost forever...I have never let a baby get lost forever maybe for a day but not FOREVER.....He is so sad..He will be watching a movie and then start crying and say my baby......Oh my heart......
I have carried that baby around for 2years......please pray we find it...

  • I have always felt like Tuck has had a special calling on his life.He is a wonderful son and a great big brother..I often think things come hard for him and who knows maybe they do but I'm proud to be his mama and I can't wait to see what the Lord will do with him...He has over come challenges with a incrediable attitude and has never asked why..He just keeps moving forward...I love you son my first born son and I pray that your heart will continue to move toward the Lord.....

Report on Tuck.

Well we made our dentist apt and he had molds made and x-rays and spacers put in.
He was feeling alittle sorry for himself on the way home and I had to remind him to be
thankful. He said yeah but I can't eat and it hurts. I said I know Tuck but God didn't say
only be thankful when you get everything you want or when it doesn't' hurt he said "Be thankful
always"not because of our circumstances but because God is God...We can't fill our children's life
with an easy road and never let them experience any kind of discomfort. God never promised any
of us that..He did promise us that he would never leave or forsake us...I know people who don't tell their kids about a party or someone who might come to visit because it may not happen and their child would be disappointed.. We have to teach our children to deal with disappointment properly and the only way we can do that is to put little disappointment in their life while they are young and then help them deal with it....Don't send them into the world always getting their way and then the first time someone or something disappoints them they crash and say well poor me....Tuck was still responsible for the way he acted toward his brothers and sisters and just because he was hurting he didn't get to treat everyone around him horrible...He could say Guys I'm sorry but my mouth is hurting and I don't feel like talking right now....So yes Tuck there will be pain and you may not be able to eat everything you want to but be thankful you will have great teeth and your not the only kid who ever had braces.....:)Sometimes you could be wet or have mud on you and still be happy. I guess it's all in the way you look at it..I pray for wisdom in teaching my children how to respond to those times in which they are disappointed or in pain or when someone lets them down....Because that is life and I'm supposed to teach them about Life.

No new news on the adoption..Just waiting on paper work still...I still have to be happy also even though I don't like the speed in which things are moving.God never promised me a rose garden...

Good day to ya all ..(all three of ya)

Monday, June 25, 2007

It sure is hard on a Monday!

Well I just sent my man off..I tell ya Mondays are hard.He gets back in the Work Mode and
I have to get back in the swing of school and house...I love the weekends when he is all mine.
We don't have to share him with anyone.He is total devoted to us and us to him...I am thankful
for his job but I sure wished he could do it from home.(I think)
We went to a bible study last night with some of the most down to earth families you have ever
met. It is such a pleasure getting together with all of them. They are so encouraging and real.
It's hard to find a group like that...Last night we studied James and how we have to cling to God and resit the devil..We have to take every thought captive. Did this thought come from God or the devil?Also at church yesterday morning our elder said "you may be the only bible some people read." How are we living our life.Can people see Christ in us or do they see more of the world?Hmm that's one to think about..How is my speech, my dress, my attitude, about being a stay at home mom. My attitude toward being a wife.Can you see Christ in me or do you see the world..? I'm afraid some days you would see more of the world.I'm sorry for that.

Well we're off to UAB to start Tuckers' braces.Please pray he will have a peace about it because he is alittle anxious.

Love ya all,

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Day with my daughter.

Scott insisted that Taylor and I needed some time to go do Girl things...So off we went.
We went Yard saleing and out to lunch at a neat little Italian Bistro in Spring ville. We had
a great time just talking and planning her wedding:)I was crying alittle just thinking about it.
So I had to call Scott and tell him and he said "don't call me and get me down..."We are pitiful.
I really pray for the young man who will ask for my daughters hand...I hope we can see his potential....I know he his going to be a great guy but he will have to be Really great to get her daddies blessing..(and mine)..Don't get me wrong she is not perfect in anyway,but she has a heart to serve and please and she will follow her husband...She is truly one of my best friends..She knows when I'm down and she knows what I need when I'm feeling over whelmed. She can make me laugh and she loves to eat chocolate with me..Besides her father she is my best friend and I love her and I'm so thankful we have such an incredible relationship.It has grown over the years just like anything else it has been a process..When she was 12-13 it was definite growing pains but they do even out and you start to see the fruit of your labor.


Friday, June 22, 2007

I love you mom!!!! I love you Cullen....All the way to the moon and back again..

Can you ever get tired of a sticky hand?

This is Chandler's sticky hand...I love watching her lick on a lollipop..I love this stage of my life...

My little boys feet!!

  1. ...Taylor has been making the boys and Chandler be her models..They have had the best time..She has really enjoyed trying to get a different shot..I just loved this one..His tiny toes Oh I just know one day I'm going to miss those tiny little feet running up and down my hall-way..I pray that God will protect where his feet trod..Make his ways straight.......Bless his
steps as he grows in grace and love..I love you Cull baby,mom

It's been a slow week for adopton.

Hey well I feel like I'm wasting time doing nothing to bring Campbell home..I'm waiting on
our home-study...I'm waiting on to see if my prints came back this time..I'm waiting on Scott's
birth certificate. I just feel as though I'm in the hurry up and wait mode...I'm going to be happy
here though because this is where my heavenly father put me ....He knows my ways and he knows
I'm waiting so I just have to be happy ..In James it says My brother count it all joy....I'm a counting....:)I go through times where I'm excited and then I get kinda get down because the road seems daunting. I had a chance to talk to a friend of mine yesterday whom I have not seen in a long time and she is struggling with having a baby I encouraged her to adopt because she is wasting years that God could use for good....She emailed me today and they are starting the process...Yeah!! She called Life-line and they encouraged her also.....God is so gracious. I pray that as Christian families we stand up and say abortion is wrong and we will take these little ones into our homes.

Today Tucker went to work with Scott and Taylor went to a lunch at a friends house. I went yard saleing with the three little ones.Gosh their growing up. I so enjoy being with my kids..They are my friends. I missed the older ones I miss talking to them when they are not here. They have so much to say...I love who they are growing up to be.
well I gotta go everyone is playing a game without me..


Thursday, June 14, 2007

Loving where I'm at!

Sometimes it's easy to get caught up in thinking I'm so busy I don't get
to do much out side of taking care of the kids or the house or my wonderful
devoted husband..I keep reminding myself that this is the season of my life that
I'm in. I feel like I have to minister to five little souls right now..I have to help
them cross the bridge to the other side so they can minister to their families one day.
It is a honor and a privilege to be with my children day in and day out..It's also
hard work on those days when one is sick or one needs an attitude adjustment but
it is preparing them for their own life with their own family.
I have to remember not to compare myself to anyone else. God has placed me in this
position and I need to be happy and content where I'm at.......
I can't wait to add Campbell to my "to do" list and I will love and cherish the time I
have with her just as much....

Keep praying for her and her African family as they must have very heavy hearts..

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Do not judge your brother.

During bible this morning we did James 4-11 .
Do not speak evil of one another,breathren.
He who speaks evil of a brother and judges his brother,
speaks evil of the law and judges the law.There is one
Lawgiver,who is able to save and to destroy.
Who are you to judge another?
We broke down what speaking evil of a brother could
mean.We broke down who a brother was..
It reminded me we have to be so careful in our words.
So careful in our thoughts...
How often do we judge and think nothing of it.
How often do we make comments that sound negative about
someone.I sure learned alot I hope the kids did too..

Monday, June 11, 2007

Consider it pure joy.

I have to say I'm humbled more everyday when my Lord speaks so clearly to me.
I'm so much like my complaining children when they don't get to do something they
want to..Or possible the Israelite's. I can judge them so easily and yet here I am
complaining and my God is providing my every need but I take for granted his provision
in my life. Does God not know what I need and when I need it?
Lord help me to work out the selfishness in myself and the attitude of poor me.
If I'm living to glorify you than it should be more of you and less of me.
Do I consider it pure joy when I go through things that make me uncomfortable.
I have not Lord forgive me and help me to see things through your eyes.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

The road less travled.

We had a interesting talk with our social worker Jenn.
While talking to her yesterday she informed me they
were looking for families to take black babies and bi-racial
babies. My heart leaped within me.....Maybe we can have a
house full of chocolate love....
Why can christian families stand up and say they don't believe
in abortion yet not adopt kids who are born without a home..
They will stand and say our nation has problems yet not want
to involve themselves with a solution. God forgive us for not
loving or supporting the next generation of God fearing children or
those little blessings that need to hear of your love and carry that on to
their children. What would you do Lord?:)


Saturday, June 2, 2007

Home study is over.

Looking back this has not seemed like a huge undertaking...Everything has
been real smooth so far and I truly feel a peace about everything.
Jenn our social worker came out and finished our home study and
I can tell you I felt some relief that this part is over....All the paper work
is done and now you just wait..From what Jenn said it should be about the
end of Aug. before we can start looking at a referral. I know God has the perfect
child for us and I can't wait to see whom God has picked out. This journey has brought
such a incredible peace and I love to see the Lord work through our family.
Can I just stop now and give him thanks and praise for bringing us this far...
Thanks to all of our friends for praying for us and helping us when we needed it..
Please continue to pray for Campbell and our paper work to get in the hands of
the right people to make it move a little faster if that's God's will..

Love all of ya Good-night,

To campbell Good night we prayed for you and wished you were here..
We want some chocolate kisses....

Supper with my hubby!!

Scott and I for years have not been able to go out on alot of dates because we have
small children and there are not alot of people just screaming to keep 5 kids.........
Our oldest daughter and son is finally old enough to watch the kids while we go grab
dinner and have a few moments to talk and get to know each other again..LOL
You may think I'm joking but when you have a few children it keeps you from really
talking to each other..You are always talking about the kids or the bills or the house
repairs or who is sick or the babies teeth or her sweet smile. When you sit to watch
a movie we are piled up like a liter of pups. When we are driving down the road we have
10 ears hanging on our words.. We used to be able to spell our way through a intimate
conversation but that is on longer an option since homeschooling really does work.....
(They now know how to spell..) It seems as though no matter what we are talking about
or where we are, our 5 children want to be with us...Take for example just last night,
Scott loves to have his feet rubbed, so Taylor said "dad I will rub your feet if you let me
fall asleep with mom" Come on people what 14 year old teenager wants to be this close
to her mom? Well I say mine my first born daughter my dear close friend. She loves
these babies as much as I do...Why did God bless me with such incredible kids?
Who am I?
I enjoyed our date last night but I missed the interruptions..................................................

That's all for now,

Friday, June 1, 2007

Ready or not!!

Well I do believe we are through cleaning and are now ready for our
I'm looking forward to moving forward.
I'm not nervous because I know who we are
this is us......I pray she will be able to see the real us.
I love to see my children working toward a common goal.
I pray they keep their heart turned toward home..Ours now
and their own home one day....

We are listening to a bio about Rick Husband the astronaut
who died on the Columbia. It's so encouraging yet so Very
sad what his family went through and I'm sure going through.
At parts I have had to MAKE the kids keep listening because
she is so honest with everything they went through. The pain
and the emotions of losing their dad and husband. I have cried
so hard the kids were saying "mom"....It has really effected me though.
Rick Husband prepared his family so well just in case something happened.
I would pray that I could leave my own family as big as a legacy as he did.
Well anyway its a great C.D and it's very moving...

Well gotta go spend some time with the slaves:)


A Wondeful week of watching God fill in the blanks..

I will say this has been an interesting week of God letting me know he is in
charge not me myself and I....I have been moved closer to him over everything
that seems like a road block..He will take care of us and Champbell..
He will use others to help him and I am amazed at the humbleness that I feel
when he uses someone to help us..
Our social worker is coming out Saturday to finish our home study and
our lawn mower broke down. Even though most of the yard was done it
didn't look anything like I wanted it to. Scott told me that Jenn would
understand that lawn mowers break down and don't worry over it...
Well I didn't worry I just kept giving God all of my concerns and knowing that
it was more of a pride thing than something that had to be done. Well Thursday afternoon a pick-up
truck was coming down the hill, and it was a young man named Josh who is our very
dear friends son. Josh and his friend got out and said"we are going to make your yard
look like you have paid perfessionals doing it". They got to work and within 25 mins
I had a clean cut yard weed-eated and everything blown off......Josh even gave my
monkey grass a much needed trimming. When after it was all done I offered to pay
them and Josh said nope..I offered to pay for just their gas and again they said no.
Josh said we haven't done something for someone like this in along time and we want to.
So I said well at least let me make you supper. They both agreed. :)
Sometimes money is not the best way to show your gratitude. Well I hope God will
use our family to show Josh and Steven how much it meant to us that these too young
men helped our family so much............................................Thank you to the Brodocks...
You guys have been trimming our monkey grass for years...:)


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