Sunday, July 1, 2007

Our little slice of heaven..

I love living in the country..We live on 40 acres and we built our home in the middle of it. No neighbors just dogs and cats and a horse and 2 ducks and a few chickens... I love raising our children here. The peacefulness of a summer night with the frogs chirping and the crickets. We don't have TV so I don't hear the news often so you kinda forget there is so much violence in the world when you do hear it..We home-school so we don't hear much about how bad the schools are..We're just busy living. I love being able to send my boys out to play and to explore this land like their grandfather before them. I love to see their little tents out in the yard and I love to see Taylor setting up a picnic for them..The world is so fast. No-one stops and enjoys the simple things any more it's always hurry up and get this done so we can move on to the next...Our family I guess is old fashioned I'm not sure how we came to this..We always felt a little out of sync with the world but more so when we started having children..We have such a desire to pass on our Love for the Lord to them. We want them to grow up and be sold out for God and their families not sold out to this world. It's so hard raising up these souls..You never know if your doing enough or not doing enough...You just pray that the Lord will fill in the blanks...I'm thankful to live here I hope one day that 5 or 6 little houses are around ours..( or at least not to far away):)



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Amber G. said...

Yay! Here's to "old-fashioned" and living in the country! Its nice to know other people live like we do. :) We feel so blessed to be surrounded by woods and mountains... and to raise our kids without TV because there is so much for them to do outside! Your place is beautiful!


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