Thursday, August 26, 2010

"I want to be a dentist mom"

Channie mae went to the dentist.
She loves the dentist.
 She even told me that she wants to grow
up and be a dentist.
Her Dentist loves Channie mae.
She gets spoiled at the dentist.
Coming home with a huge tube of tooth paste =) that is rather
annoying if you ask me. The thing is bigger than she is
and of course she wants to carry it around with her
because she loves the dentist and everything
about the dentist.
Her dentist told her to brush her teeth really good
so she wanted to show me what good meant
so I thought I'd show you what good meant in case you
wondered. I have always wondered, but not anymore,
because Channie put me straight on good. =)

She loves brushing her teeth and does it often.
Especially when she comes home from her friend,
the dentist. Now he's starting to annoy me after
she has asked to brush her teeth for the tenth time
tonight .=)

She loves to gargle and swish

She loves to brush and floss
but most of all she
loves all her goodies

I'm not sure it's normal for a 4 year old to wake
up and say
"mom, can I go back to the dentist?"

I feel kinda strange saying
"No, Channie, and if you ask again your gonna be in trouble"

once a year is all I can handle....shew... 


MamaHen said...

My Abbie is fascinated with the dentist also. She checks out books from the library about them and knows all about dental care. She wants to save up her money to buy this deluxe dental care kit. Some girls save their money for dolls, tea sets, etc... Abbie-girl saves hers for dental piks. :)

The mad hatter;) said...

I like my goodies too.
just don't tell her why she has to go to the dentist, then you would have a big problem...

Letisha said...

My 5 year old wants to be a dentist too! I tell her actually she wants to be a hygienist. She is constantly asking to go to the dentist. She made all the tools a dentist uses out of paper and routinely cleans our teeth! :) So sweet to document it in photos! Why don't I ever think to take my camera places?


The Ferrill's said...

That is SO funny! She is a GREAT oh my! She means business! I pity the plaque! ;)

bbmommy2 said...

My Gracie, had a good laugh at Channie's giant toothpaste and brushing techniques. :)

Richard C. Lambert said...

I have always wondered, but not anymore,
because Channie put me straight on good crown


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