Thursday, January 7, 2010

We're poisoning our own waterhole

Words spoken that can't be taken back.

Words that had no business being said in the first place hanging

in the door frames of our homes..........

"They say alot of things can destroy Churches in America but one of the

most deadliest is Gossip.

Teaching our children to love one another is hard enough without them

seeing us pretend to love and then talking about the very people we are supposed

to love.

There is a church in North Carolina that has a rule. If you are caught gossiping

you are given one chance and then you're out of the Church. You and your whole family. How many churches would you and I have gone through by now?

Talking about the Elders or the pastor, the families in our church that are supposed

to be our brothers and sisters in Christ. Saying things that should not have been thought, much less said out loud.

Speech is the one area that shows more disrespect then any other area.

If we can teach our children to keep their mouths closed and not to talk so much we would teach them a lifelong lesson in humility.

Gossip kills love. Gossip kills community. Gossip will kill our homes.

You and I can't live a double standard in front of our children. We will be liars

in front of them. They will grow up to be hypocrites like us. Only pretending to love.

Only pretending to care so that the juicy tidbits can be morsels to our innermost beings.

So what is gossip? Gossip is what you say behind someones back

that you would not say to their face.

This can include gossiping about our children, about our husbands, friends.. Some people

believe that a husband and wife can gossip behind closed doors, this is not true because

the husband can defile his wife and the wife her husband.

How do we stop gossiping?

Self control! We have to keep our thoughts on the Lord and over look peoples

faults as it concerns us.

When we get in the habit of loving others their faults become

less and less."

Scott Brown Gossip Cd by vision forum

As I listened to this CD my heart was breaking.

My home has been defiled by gossip.

My heart has been defiled by gossip.

I have defiled other people by my words.

I have set a bad example for my children.

I'm usually a very positive person and look for the best in others

but on the occasion that I did not build others up I tore down.

As parents we often worry about the influences of others children on our children but if we're honest we should worry more about our own influence on our kids.

We're poisoning our own waterhole.....


Titus2Mom said...

WONDERFUL post! Unbelievable to think on.

BTW can y'all put your history back on? I wanted to look up a post

Just A Family said...

hey green girls!!!
History is back up and running..

love ya guys,

bbmommy2 said...

Guilty, right here! The tongue can be a vicious tool of the enemy. I recognized this many years ago, in myself. These days, I'm a work in progress, but I work diligently to keep my tongue in check.

Lindsay S. said...

Thank you so much for sharing this post!!!!

I loved your analogy of "poisoning our own waterholes". I really needed to be reminded of this as I am so guilty of gossip myself. I too would have been through several churches by now...

May the Lord change us all, starting with me.

Unknown said...

Amen Robin! Wow, you're SO right. This is So convicting! Forgive us Lord!

Anonymous said...



Missi said...

LOVE that CD!

missy said...

this one hit me where it hurts....ugh!


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