Sunday, August 29, 2010

Our secret island

The view from the porch overlooking the bay as the sun sets deep into the water.
We are on a three day holiday, get away from the world, if you will . The house beautifully sat next to the gulf as if it was the watcher of the water. The porches wrapped the house many times over and I couldn't help but to sit for hours out there, usually with someone in my lap, overlooking the bay with the wind gently reminding me to slow down and take it all in. I obeyed.     
Until we found a secret beach.
We made our way along the moss covered rocks and there before us was a private beach. We dug and collected shells and drift wood. I went and  sat on an old tree trunk while my children played and splashed on our deserted island. I watched in amazement as they took in God's beauty and I was breathless as I took their small frames in next to the ocean. The wind blew and the spray from the bay would tickle my face and I never wanted to leave this spot. This moment in time. Sharing this small island wondering what it would be like to be shipwrecked here with just my family. 

Their feet bare and their smiles contagious.
One by one their collections filled my pockets till I couldn't hold
another shell. My mind racing with the memories being shared on
this island of ours. Swimming in the waves way past dark. Hearing their
laughter roar above the breeze. Begging to stay for awhile longer.
My heart begging for them to never forget this moment in time.

She looked at  me through stands of hair that she couldn't keep out of her face. I looked at her with eyes of wonder and amazement that couldn't hold back my love for her. I love the smell of the breeze and salt on her skin. I love this pace with them, no where to be, nothing to do but walk this sand with them and keep them safe.   

Share this time, this place with only them

Who am I to anyone?

I'm someone pretty special to this crew of mine. I'm fussed over by this family of mine like I was the queen of England. I deserve none of it, I assure you, but their love treats me as if I'm the only shell in the ocean or mamma in the world. I'm loved and I love them.
It's all his fault you see. He started it some 18 years ago. I was younger then and so was he but he keeps our love blazing. Don't tell him I said so but he follows me around like an old hound dog, he always has. I love  that about him. I don't mind him following me, I leave lots of crumbs :)  

You know what else I love about him? Its this. Look in this picture. One man, three little lives. He always has
some little person in his lap or holding someone. He's always fixing a toy or running a bath. He loves to sit and have them all pile up on him. He is a daddy and not just any kinda daddy but one they love and adore. He takes them to movies and to arcades. He buys them ice-cream and junk..He has them singing so loud in the car some silly war song and he does it all so easily. So natural. He reads to them and tucks them in at night with a drink. He worries and fusses over his girls. He's protective over them.  

He is a husband and not just any kinda husband but a husband who takes the time to make sure
I feel special and honored and I do

Like this get away, he insisted we take this trip, which would be my advice to you

Find a secret beach and tip-toe your way barefoot
until you're there. you'll know.
slow down, breath in your loved ones,
Eat good food, stay up late,
by all means build tons of memories...
because I'm all about the memories :)

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bbmommy2 said...

I read this with tears. Precious words. Precious memories. Beautiful picture of you and your fella.


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