Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Amazing Grace

They came to church.
A family,
celebrating life, but not just any life.
 Baxters life.
A little baby born on the 16th day of August.
This is his story told by me;   of the night he was
born and his first Sunday at church worshiping
with his family 

You might not ever notice the little boy
under the red blanket
but we notice.
His name is Joseph Baxter and he weighed 4lbs
when he was born. We all knew that Baxter would
be born special. Spinal Bifida would be his calling in life
and his family stood ready to help him live his calling out.
 We, his church family, stood ready.
Just as the night he was born we were  
together in a little room praying and pacing the halls of the
hospital while he was being born. We searched the faces of
the Doctors and nurses that went past us hoping for some news
of Baxter, but none came.
I kept looking through the glass in the door
leading to the operating room and with my own heart raw with emotions wondering
what they must be going through.

I couldn't wait to see this little fellow. This little
 guy who we've all been praying for.
Ya see
 Our church is a praying
church and every Sunday we prayed for Baxter, weeks
and months before he was even born.

He was born and Baxters dad came and got us
and said "you can see him if you hurry."

We hurried.
We huddled together around a little
bed in the nicu while they finished cleaning him up
and we stood as close as you could get to each other.
 life was before us.
Not totally perfect in the world's view
we knew totally perfect from God's view.
He has Trismoney 18 along with spina bifida.
No one knows how long Baxter will bless us with
his presence,
only the One who created him knows,
but in the mean time his parents share him with us.
He was released from the hospital on Friday and on Sunday morning
little Baxter was worshiping with us.
Fragile,and very frail, he was there. He was prayed over
and loved on and tears were scattered throughout our
little white church and I'm sure he heard us sing.
I'm sure he heard his mama sing
and felt her warm hands as she kept him safe under that little blanket.
We stayed for a long time after church, everyone wanting to linger with this family.
 They went to leave and once again the men of our church
never fail to amaze me.
They were putting kids in car-seats on one side of the van
and helping Baxter and his mom in on the other side. 
At least 4 men holding bags
and helping this family.
No one leaving until
all doors closed and the family was safe inside.
Until Baxter was safe.   

Once again
It reminds of why a church family
is so very important.
A church family is a gift
from the Lord.
 and a great privilege for me.


The Ferrill's said...

Wow I am crying big tears. This story produces such raw emotion in my heart. On so many levels.
Beautiful, Robin.
Praise God for new life, for life in the CHURCH.

The Ferrill's said...

P.S. I will pray for little man as well. Right now.

Anonymous said...

This testamony of your church is such a blessing to me.

Sarah said...

beautiful love

Family Stone said...

Thank you, Robin, for writing this. Thank you.

Renata said...

What a beautiful post & I so agree. Our church family is an extension of our family.
Thanks for sharing

JoyFilled said...

wow, what a powerful post. Thank you. My cousin and his wife just lost their son to Trisomy 18 last November. He was with us for 5 days before he went to be with Jesus.


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