Wednesday, August 4, 2010

School is in

The girls are  involved in our school and they roll and crawl around us as we learn. My kids don't mind, they're used to it. I was teaching preschoolers colors and I believe the color yellow looks as good as I've ever seen it. Thanks girls for your help.

The view from where I sit. Big brothers reading to little sisters. She crawls over his book and slobbers on his pages and I wonder what he will do. He reaches over and wipes it off and keeps on working. He didn't even look up at me.  I though he might say gross or something but he didn't. :) 

Toes on their books, diapers on their books, they adjust that's what homeschoolers do.
Not as backwards as some might think :)

I love laying in the middle of the floor and having each one come and lay beside me and I teach them
right on my big red rug.
Yesterday was a lay in the floor school day and I taught
flash cards
I'm reading our new (sonlight #3) book Mr. Poppers Penguins and they begged for one more chapter.
I finally had to stop at chapter 5 with them begging for me to keep on.
This is a great book so far...I can see a trip to the ice skating rink after this read.

Her hair a tangle of mess. She was still dripping from the pool when we
called her in to sit at the table and do a coloring project with her sister.

Jo came in next and worked on his project. He is really improving in his coloring and cutting skills.
Yep, one of those days.
A little school,
Lots of pool time,
and the reminders that this is my job.
I wouldn't give anyone else the privilege of being with my kids
all day and teaching them. I enjoy it too much. I get the reward of seeing them
read for the first time. Watching them struggle and teaching them that God's word is more
important than multiplication. Being able to teach bible and pray with them.
"We have no bullies in our school room"
(Kevin Swanson said this at the baby conference)
Yep, just a regular day at our house.
We're all smilies
(most of the time)
I'm learning to love where I'm at and that brings sweet contentment.


Annie H said...

I love that I see more and more Moms talk about staying home with their children and loving the opportunity to teach their own.

Thank you for sharing an insight into your homeschool day. Mine looks about the same but with only 2 boys and only Preschool and Tot school.

Kim M. said...

sweet post!

CWHill said...

Don’t you just love it!!! Home schooling brings more joy into my life that I could have ever imagined. It is like when people ask you what it is like to be a mom, you can’t even describe it to someone who hasn’t experienced it. It is the same way with home schooling. Whoo!!! Just makes me tingly all over : )

The Ferrill's said...

This makes me smile BIG!
Don't you love Sonlight? Reading to my children is one of my FAVORITE things to do! It is a privilege for sure! I just love those toddling interruptions, too! ;)

The Byrd's Nest said...

What a patient and loving brother....I really enjoyed this post. I am a first time homeschooling Mom and we will start in September when we move to Mexico. We are very excited...well..and a little nervous:)

Anonymous said...

Blessings on your school year! I enjoy your blog so much! Will you tell us some more about your time at the baby confrence ? Those posts about what you heard and learned there have been like a drink of cool water to me!


Terry said...

Oh gosh you've encouraged me so! I've been stuggling with the idea of homeschooling my youngest is delayed and somewhat disruptive although my k doesn't seem to mind and actually likes having his brother with him. But sometimes I just worry that he's getting enough attention. the little one I mean. just trying to balance it all out. It helps to see how others are doing it :)


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