Monday, August 23, 2010

Bottle it up.....

The weekends always go by way too fast. The lay in bed and sip coffee
and wrestle with our children kinda weekends end way to soon.
 The babies are teething
and a little virus is running it's way through the walls of my home and yet I'm so
content not to miss one single moment with these loves of my life. Coop
told me God made him better because of the prayer I said for him.
I remember. I held him close and whispered a prayer before my
Father on behalf of my son. Lord bring his smile back and He did.  
Oh, thank you, Lord for healing. Thank you for the comforts of home
that we take for granted.
Sunday afternoons are good. The pace is slow as we travel home from worship.
Some still recovering, spirits kinda low.
We step into a book store and everyone cheers up. The laughter can be heard I'm sure throughout the store. The smell of new books mixed with coffee mixed with their
laughter should be bottled and sold.
It should be bottled and put on a shelf for
when they're all grown and my life becomes kinda boring.
I can un-cork that bottle and relive the moments
of pure happiness and joy of the little people in my life.
 I sit on the floor and watch them. Thankful I have them all here right now.
Knowing they're getting taller and watching them grow before
my eyes and remembering in the back of my mind this season is passing
way to fast and I ask God for grace because I know I'm going to need it as they
start making their own way in this world.

But right now, right this minute, I'm sitting in a book store with the gifts the
Lord has graciously lent to me and I watch my husband as he looks at their books
and holds babies and smiles at me.
I watch my son gather books about cars.
 I watch my daughter as she holds handfuls
of books and reads each back cover to me and begs me to help her
pick just two. Her love for books is contagious. She has a deep passion for 
great literature and I love watching her in a book store. 

The weekend over and he travels back to work and my house a mess.
I start over.
I start over a new week.
I start a week that I will never be able
to get back and so I purposely plan
to enjoy every single moment! 


Chantelle said...

Beautiful and inspiring as always. Thank you for reminding me to cherish the now!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for your postings. They always are so beautiful and inspiring, a reminder to enjoy all the blessings that the Lord has so graciously bestowed upon us!
Linda P.

bbmommy2 said...

Very sweet. We are book lovers here too. We love to curl up with a stack of books (that have been read again and again). I always have two or three stacked on my nightstand. Plus the Word. Burning the mid-nite oil reading until I can't keep these eyes open.

p.s. I have been looking at your Sonlight curriculum. Thinking of changing curriculum next year. I had already purchased this years curriculum or we would try it sooner. I am looking on ebay for some of the story books though.:)

The Byrd's Nest said...

Oh I love it when children really enjoy reading!!!! I love the little blessings in life....such as going to a bookstore and seeing their little eyes light up:)

I love how you cherish the little things in life!


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