Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The rich soil of love

The morning is early and my little girls are up with the sun.
They are busy about their day before I've  had my first cup of coffee. 
Cloth diapers and striped socks are
a must around here.

Hair done for the week not without a few tears though.
Fighting colds and teething seem to keep them
occupied well enough but my arms seem
to keep them happy.
 They look at me as if I can make all wrongs right. 
With just simply picking them up and bringing them close
they are comforted and my work is slow in getting done because I
have more important things to do.
Comfort my little girls who seem
content to sit in my lap all the day. I look around at all I need to do
and the Lord gently reminds me to take care of the least of these.
My children..

A quick trip outside before the heat takes over the grass green beneath them
and their eyes as brown as the dirt that lay beneath the grass. The soil in them
makes me want to plant love so deep that the roots take them over.
Love roots..
The love so deep that they will never remember a day without
The love so deep I can't remember me without
the two of them and I like it that way.

My life forever better because of the great kindness of
my Lord.


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Grace said...

Oh my!!! They are beyond beautiful!


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