Friday, August 20, 2010

Date Night

Scott and I have date night on Thursday's and this week we took a few extras with us.. We were invited to the local skating rink for two rounds of laser tag and skee ball...for Asa's birthday.
                                                                   Happy Birthday Asa  
The tokens came out of the machine and they were gone in a blink.The kids
running all over the place, me running behind them trying
to keep up.

They look like brothers.
These guys had a blast shooting and running
from game to game.
Channie had fun playing the skee ball machine. She didn't much care
about throwing the ball she just wanted the

I think the dads had more fun than the kids.

All the tokens were spent and
the tickets were added up,
and our prizes were
1 dip stick
1 sour fries
1 multicolored ball
The fun was priceless though and our kids
had a blast!!
 Building memories that will surely
be around years from now.
Date night was quite exciting.
Not much romance, not much time alone, but none the less an
irresistibly charming night.

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Kathy@ Teaching Good Things said...

WHERE IS JO'S HAIR!!!?????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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