Monday, August 2, 2010

The dog days of summer....

The heat index 111•.. The heat so thick I can see it. Heck, I think I can smell it. 
Wait a minute, I just tasted the heat. We decided to let our troubles wash away.
The outside pool filled with water and we called our dog Boo to come and take a bath with us. She has had lots of trouble lately so she needed to wash her troubles away. She has been under heavy duty training  so we figured we'd give her a little treat. The water cool and refreshing just like my kids are refreshing to me. They really are. I watch them, study them if you will. They don't get upset over little things. They are joyful and fun spirited and they laugh alot..I want to be more like them.
So I slip into their little pool and they all laugh like I haven't heard them laugh in ages(since yesterday)...
We splash and kick and wash the heat off.They lay their bodies on me and just stay there for a min or so and I can tell they're breathing me in.. Enjoying me being there with them..The feeling is mutual. 

Boo is our German Shepherd puppy who chews on everybody and everything including our chickens :(.....
I'm glad I've spent more time training my children than my dog. 
She's coming around though and I know she will be a great dog one day.

Hands soapy and wild, the smiles contagious as we finish up our job.
I love these little people in my life, I would not be anywhere else in the world
right now except under the tree that Scott and I planted washing a dog that has plenty of potential.

Heat index hotter tomorrow.. You'll be able to find me here enjoying the heat 
with the ones I love
hoping some of them rubs off on me.   


bbmommy2 said...

The 'Dog' days of Summer! Gotta luv'em...humidity and all. Air so heavy, it is hard to breath in it's thickness. Laughter is the best medicine. Cute puppy! The neighbor's dog has chewed most of our baby chicks this Summer :( We had to hide the carnage from the chicken chaser, she loves those chicks. :)

The Ferrill's said...

I feel the same way, I want my children to rub off on me!
Sometimes I feel like my troubles and the weight of the world rubs off on them, and I hate that.
You make me want to run through my grass barefooted! (Except I'm really out of shape and would probably pass out.) ;)
Good luck with the doggy! ;)


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