Saturday, June 2, 2007

Supper with my hubby!!

Scott and I for years have not been able to go out on alot of dates because we have
small children and there are not alot of people just screaming to keep 5 kids.........
Our oldest daughter and son is finally old enough to watch the kids while we go grab
dinner and have a few moments to talk and get to know each other again..LOL
You may think I'm joking but when you have a few children it keeps you from really
talking to each other..You are always talking about the kids or the bills or the house
repairs or who is sick or the babies teeth or her sweet smile. When you sit to watch
a movie we are piled up like a liter of pups. When we are driving down the road we have
10 ears hanging on our words.. We used to be able to spell our way through a intimate
conversation but that is on longer an option since homeschooling really does work.....
(They now know how to spell..) It seems as though no matter what we are talking about
or where we are, our 5 children want to be with us...Take for example just last night,
Scott loves to have his feet rubbed, so Taylor said "dad I will rub your feet if you let me
fall asleep with mom" Come on people what 14 year old teenager wants to be this close
to her mom? Well I say mine my first born daughter my dear close friend. She loves
these babies as much as I do...Why did God bless me with such incredible kids?
Who am I?
I enjoyed our date last night but I missed the interruptions..................................................

That's all for now,

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Kathy, Jeff's Wife said...

That is sooooo funny! Jeff and I were talking about this very issue last night, how we don't really get to "talk". There are seasons, and I love where we are.


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