Thursday, June 14, 2007

Loving where I'm at!

Sometimes it's easy to get caught up in thinking I'm so busy I don't get
to do much out side of taking care of the kids or the house or my wonderful
devoted husband..I keep reminding myself that this is the season of my life that
I'm in. I feel like I have to minister to five little souls right now..I have to help
them cross the bridge to the other side so they can minister to their families one day.
It is a honor and a privilege to be with my children day in and day out..It's also
hard work on those days when one is sick or one needs an attitude adjustment but
it is preparing them for their own life with their own family.
I have to remember not to compare myself to anyone else. God has placed me in this
position and I need to be happy and content where I'm at.......
I can't wait to add Campbell to my "to do" list and I will love and cherish the time I
have with her just as much....

Keep praying for her and her African family as they must have very heavy hearts..


Brandi said...

Robin, so nice to meet you! I just discovered your blog. It looks like you are about a month ahead of us in the process. It will be fun connecting with families that are at the same point as we are.


Brandi said...

Where do you guys live? I'm so excited to meet other Florida people!


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