Friday, June 1, 2007

Ready or not!!

Well I do believe we are through cleaning and are now ready for our
I'm looking forward to moving forward.
I'm not nervous because I know who we are
this is us......I pray she will be able to see the real us.
I love to see my children working toward a common goal.
I pray they keep their heart turned toward home..Ours now
and their own home one day....

We are listening to a bio about Rick Husband the astronaut
who died on the Columbia. It's so encouraging yet so Very
sad what his family went through and I'm sure going through.
At parts I have had to MAKE the kids keep listening because
she is so honest with everything they went through. The pain
and the emotions of losing their dad and husband. I have cried
so hard the kids were saying "mom"....It has really effected me though.
Rick Husband prepared his family so well just in case something happened.
I would pray that I could leave my own family as big as a legacy as he did.
Well anyway its a great C.D and it's very moving...

Well gotta go spend some time with the slaves:)


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