Thursday, June 7, 2007

The road less travled.

We had a interesting talk with our social worker Jenn.
While talking to her yesterday she informed me they
were looking for families to take black babies and bi-racial
babies. My heart leaped within me.....Maybe we can have a
house full of chocolate love....
Why can christian families stand up and say they don't believe
in abortion yet not adopt kids who are born without a home..
They will stand and say our nation has problems yet not want
to involve themselves with a solution. God forgive us for not
loving or supporting the next generation of God fearing children or
those little blessings that need to hear of your love and carry that on to
their children. What would you do Lord?:)


1 comment:

Kathy, Jeff's Wife said...

It is wonderful that the Lord has called YOU to do this. Can't wait to see how His plan works out!

Whether it be home schooling, self employment, living with no health insurance (OH GASP!), or anything else like that...anything different than the norm, the general pubic has a hard time with it. I think mainly because they don't want to challenge their own faith. It is easy to go with the flow, to be a people pleaser, and not always a God pleaser.

I wish we could adopt. We're open to it, but it may not be what God has for us...the important thing is to be in His will.


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