Friday, June 22, 2007

It's been a slow week for adopton.

Hey well I feel like I'm wasting time doing nothing to bring Campbell home..I'm waiting on
our home-study...I'm waiting on to see if my prints came back this time..I'm waiting on Scott's
birth certificate. I just feel as though I'm in the hurry up and wait mode...I'm going to be happy
here though because this is where my heavenly father put me ....He knows my ways and he knows
I'm waiting so I just have to be happy ..In James it says My brother count it all joy....I'm a counting....:)I go through times where I'm excited and then I get kinda get down because the road seems daunting. I had a chance to talk to a friend of mine yesterday whom I have not seen in a long time and she is struggling with having a baby I encouraged her to adopt because she is wasting years that God could use for good....She emailed me today and they are starting the process...Yeah!! She called Life-line and they encouraged her also.....God is so gracious. I pray that as Christian families we stand up and say abortion is wrong and we will take these little ones into our homes.

Today Tucker went to work with Scott and Taylor went to a lunch at a friends house. I went yard saleing with the three little ones.Gosh their growing up. I so enjoy being with my kids..They are my friends. I missed the older ones I miss talking to them when they are not here. They have so much to say...I love who they are growing up to be.
well I gotta go everyone is playing a game without me..


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