Saturday, June 23, 2007

Day with my daughter.

Scott insisted that Taylor and I needed some time to go do Girl things...So off we went.
We went Yard saleing and out to lunch at a neat little Italian Bistro in Spring ville. We had
a great time just talking and planning her wedding:)I was crying alittle just thinking about it.
So I had to call Scott and tell him and he said "don't call me and get me down..."We are pitiful.
I really pray for the young man who will ask for my daughters hand...I hope we can see his potential....I know he his going to be a great guy but he will have to be Really great to get her daddies blessing..(and mine)..Don't get me wrong she is not perfect in anyway,but she has a heart to serve and please and she will follow her husband...She is truly one of my best friends..She knows when I'm down and she knows what I need when I'm feeling over whelmed. She can make me laugh and she loves to eat chocolate with me..Besides her father she is my best friend and I love her and I'm so thankful we have such an incredible relationship.It has grown over the years just like anything else it has been a process..When she was 12-13 it was definite growing pains but they do even out and you start to see the fruit of your labor.


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Brandi said...

How sweet. . .how old is she now?


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