Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Report on Tuck.

Well we made our dentist apt and he had molds made and x-rays and spacers put in.
He was feeling alittle sorry for himself on the way home and I had to remind him to be
thankful. He said yeah but I can't eat and it hurts. I said I know Tuck but God didn't say
only be thankful when you get everything you want or when it doesn't' hurt he said "Be thankful
always"not because of our circumstances but because God is God...We can't fill our children's life
with an easy road and never let them experience any kind of discomfort. God never promised any
of us that..He did promise us that he would never leave or forsake us...I know people who don't tell their kids about a party or someone who might come to visit because it may not happen and their child would be disappointed.. We have to teach our children to deal with disappointment properly and the only way we can do that is to put little disappointment in their life while they are young and then help them deal with it....Don't send them into the world always getting their way and then the first time someone or something disappoints them they crash and say well poor me....Tuck was still responsible for the way he acted toward his brothers and sisters and just because he was hurting he didn't get to treat everyone around him horrible...He could say Guys I'm sorry but my mouth is hurting and I don't feel like talking right now....So yes Tuck there will be pain and you may not be able to eat everything you want to but be thankful you will have great teeth and your not the only kid who ever had braces.....:)Sometimes you could be wet or have mud on you and still be happy. I guess it's all in the way you look at it..I pray for wisdom in teaching my children how to respond to those times in which they are disappointed or in pain or when someone lets them down....Because that is life and I'm supposed to teach them about Life.

No new news on the adoption..Just waiting on paper work still...I still have to be happy also even though I don't like the speed in which things are moving.God never promised me a rose garden...

Good day to ya all ..(all three of ya)

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