Monday, June 25, 2007

It sure is hard on a Monday!

Well I just sent my man off..I tell ya Mondays are hard.He gets back in the Work Mode and
I have to get back in the swing of school and house...I love the weekends when he is all mine.
We don't have to share him with anyone.He is total devoted to us and us to him...I am thankful
for his job but I sure wished he could do it from home.(I think)
We went to a bible study last night with some of the most down to earth families you have ever
met. It is such a pleasure getting together with all of them. They are so encouraging and real.
It's hard to find a group like that...Last night we studied James and how we have to cling to God and resit the devil..We have to take every thought captive. Did this thought come from God or the devil?Also at church yesterday morning our elder said "you may be the only bible some people read." How are we living our life.Can people see Christ in us or do they see more of the world?Hmm that's one to think about..How is my speech, my dress, my attitude, about being a stay at home mom. My attitude toward being a wife.Can you see Christ in me or do you see the world..? I'm afraid some days you would see more of the world.I'm sorry for that.

Well we're off to UAB to start Tuckers' braces.Please pray he will have a peace about it because he is alittle anxious.

Love ya all,

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