Saturday, June 2, 2007

Home study is over.

Looking back this has not seemed like a huge undertaking...Everything has
been real smooth so far and I truly feel a peace about everything.
Jenn our social worker came out and finished our home study and
I can tell you I felt some relief that this part is over....All the paper work
is done and now you just wait..From what Jenn said it should be about the
end of Aug. before we can start looking at a referral. I know God has the perfect
child for us and I can't wait to see whom God has picked out. This journey has brought
such a incredible peace and I love to see the Lord work through our family.
Can I just stop now and give him thanks and praise for bringing us this far...
Thanks to all of our friends for praying for us and helping us when we needed it..
Please continue to pray for Campbell and our paper work to get in the hands of
the right people to make it move a little faster if that's God's will..

Love all of ya Good-night,

To campbell Good night we prayed for you and wished you were here..
We want some chocolate kisses....

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