Friday, June 1, 2007

A Wondeful week of watching God fill in the blanks..

I will say this has been an interesting week of God letting me know he is in
charge not me myself and I....I have been moved closer to him over everything
that seems like a road block..He will take care of us and Champbell..
He will use others to help him and I am amazed at the humbleness that I feel
when he uses someone to help us..
Our social worker is coming out Saturday to finish our home study and
our lawn mower broke down. Even though most of the yard was done it
didn't look anything like I wanted it to. Scott told me that Jenn would
understand that lawn mowers break down and don't worry over it...
Well I didn't worry I just kept giving God all of my concerns and knowing that
it was more of a pride thing than something that had to be done. Well Thursday afternoon a pick-up
truck was coming down the hill, and it was a young man named Josh who is our very
dear friends son. Josh and his friend got out and said"we are going to make your yard
look like you have paid perfessionals doing it". They got to work and within 25 mins
I had a clean cut yard weed-eated and everything blown off......Josh even gave my
monkey grass a much needed trimming. When after it was all done I offered to pay
them and Josh said nope..I offered to pay for just their gas and again they said no.
Josh said we haven't done something for someone like this in along time and we want to.
So I said well at least let me make you supper. They both agreed. :)
Sometimes money is not the best way to show your gratitude. Well I hope God will
use our family to show Josh and Steven how much it meant to us that these too young
men helped our family so much............................................Thank you to the Brodocks...
You guys have been trimming our monkey grass for years...:)

1 comment:

Kathy, Jeff's Wife said...

Aww how sweet! Hey..I think you should fix me supper too, seeing I am the one that birthed him!!!



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