Saturday, January 9, 2010

A frigid mama

It's cold here in the deep south. Not normal ..
The pond has been frozen over for days.
The temps are hovering low and we're barricaded in our
home with a fireplace and plenty of food.
We have spent our time wisely.
Taylor and I have been knitting hats for the girls.
Sitting looking out at the coldness laughing like
silly school girls. Telling stories and our secrets that
only she and I can share. Our stories stop as a little
guy comes in and our eyes mark our place.
We have been making homemade breads and butter
and scones, muffins, cookies...We have sat together
all of us and enjoyed each others company.
We laugh alot around here, in fact I have noticed in the past
few weeks that laugh lines are forming around my eyes. Hmmm...
I want them to be deep. I want to notice them and
think upon the blessings that have put those lines there.
In a world of beauty and perfection
I think laugh lines sum up
your life...
I go to great extremes to make my children laugh.
I sing loud and I sing silly.
I tickle alot and sing and whisper in their ears how much
their mama loves them. We have 'inside'
ride on cars that have generated hours of laughter
for all us as we watch the kids ride up and down
the hallways. I know this will be a favorite memory
for them and us.
Everyday we do special things because everyday is a gift.
This cold spell has granted me hours in the house sipping hot
chocolate and snuggling..
Oh to teach my children to enjoy the everydays and not just
the special occasion days.
To carry into their homes that you have a reason to celebrate cold days,
hot days, rainy days.........hard days.
So many of us moms stay so busy we are like the cold
temperatures out side.
We forget to play.
We forget to be silly.
We forget to teach our kids to love the simple things.
We're uptight and task-orientated. We're always gripping and
complaining and our kids notice.
Our husbands notice..
It's always about us
and everyone knows it...
Then we grow old
with frown and worry lines and
we wonder why our adult children don't want to be around us.
I'll stick to my laugh lines that are slowly forming around my eyes
and I'll risk it all to make them deeper and laugh longer.
Lord willing, my children will learn to laugh and when they're
older they will notice they look like me, laugh lines and all.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I hope that is the way your children remember you. Sometimes in life it is hard to laugh. You never know til you have walked in the shoes of the "frigid" mama.


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