Thursday, January 14, 2010

Won't you join us?

We have committed to reading the bible
in a year. Big undertaking, but
something we feel is so important to teaching our
children history from the Lord's view point.
We have started this with the help of
The Church of Brookhills.
You can go to their website for some awesome
sermons and the out-line for the bible reading.
Their goal is to also pray for everyone in the world.
So everyday they give you a new place in the world
to pray for. This all takes minutes a day but
as they say it's a radical experiment that I want
our family to be a part of.
Won't you join us?


Titus2Mom said...

I joined before I knew!! I have finished Genesis and I am on to Exodus!!

As George Muller said, "If God descended enough to speak to us mortals. The least we should do is read it."


Anonymous said...

I have read the Bible through so many times and have never felt so revived by God's Word as I am now...isn't all that God has done through Dr. Platt a blessing? My family has been members at Brook Hills for over 14 years and have never heard the Word taught this way. Dr. Platt is going to be one of those great pastors whom our grandchildren and great grandchildren will hear about- a man wholly devoted to making disciples of all nations for Christ's glory! God is so good to us!

I'm committed to the daily Bible reading plan too!

Thanks for loving the Lord and telling others about it! I hope to meet you one day.



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