Monday, January 11, 2010

The Blindside

I started crying the moment I saw
the boy called Mike.
My heart so tender to the children who
don't have a home. My heart wondering
how many we can help. Wondering
how many my house can hold.
My heart aching as I watched him listen
to the voices through the night that told him over and over
he didn't belong. I so wanted to be at home
with my little boy so I could whisper how loved he is.
How many time as a child did I listen through
the night at the angry voices that penetrated
the darkness in my little bedroom? I was
just a little girl. I had no control over my situation.
I couldn't change it, I had to survive it.
Covers pulled up tight,
humming so I didn't have to hear.
The darkness seemed to never go away.
It's senseless yet it happens to
so many children.
Mike was cold. He was hungry.
He was in a crowd and no one wanted to notice him.
No one wanted to stop long enough to give of themselves.
When our busyness keeps us from noticing the needs
of others we better watch ourselves.
We need to be awake.
We need a revival of our hearts.
The busyness drowns us.
We are under water and not breathing
and yet we hardly notice that our hearts are
dead. Our love for others has died.
We fail to reach out ..
We miss it.
the way the Lord meant it to be.
It's not about money but in order to help
these days they don't ask for anything except money.
They need to be asking for loving, kind people to come
and minister but they want your money instead.
There is no more "hands on."
So our generation
has forgotten how to open hands
and pour oneself out.
This is a must see.
This movie will move you
to compassion and it will give
you hope. The reality of boys like Mike
is a truthful image and I wish
for them that they are wanted.


Kathy @ Teaching Good Things said...


Keep up the good work!

joy said...

Very true! Sometimes we don't notice the needs of others and this opens our eyes. This movie sounds very inspirational. I hope to see it soon!

By the way, are you starting a photography business?


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