Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Look into the eyes of a future mamma

I'm training my daughters

to be wives and mothers.

Against the back-drop of a world

where this is unusual and not looked upon

with eyes of approval. The question

is always asked "what are you going to be

when you grow up?"

The question hanging

there like a bad germ in the air. Taking a deep

breath my daughter says "I want to be a wife

and a mother. "
Channie, my three-year-old daughter was jumping on the trampoline

yesterday and she said "look mom I'm growing up

because I can jump really high"

"Oh, don't grow up

Channie-mae, I like you little." I responded

"I have to grow up mom

because I have to be a Mommy."

Oh yes you need to grow up then.

I wouldn't want you to miss out on the biggest blessing

in the world:

Being a Mommy.

Holding the hand of your child and with awe and wonder

thanking God for the privilege of being a wife

and mother.

It's happening less and less these days.

Happy Homes.

Happy Children.

I believe it's because few are being trained

to take the job of wife, mother, father,or husband

seriously. Few are choosing

to walk this road nowadays but we will press

on and Lord willing

Channie Mae will one day look into the eyes

of her husband and children and say,

mom was right

This is the best job in the whole wide

world ..


Beautiful Mess said...


Titus2Mom said...

Way to go!! I am getting those questions too!

Bria Cosper said...

How precious. I am daily reminded of the fact that one day all us girls will be mothers. Even Taylor isn't far away!


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