Friday, January 22, 2010

A night in Italy on the farm...

The candle light and music sweeps us away
to a little cabin in Italy.

We ate under the glow of the candles
while we laughed and talked about our day and
our weekend coming up.
Water poured for their thirst
when so many don't have clean water.

The meal was simple

The prayer was for the people of Haiti.

Josie Claire enjoying the view from her
mommy's lap. Her mommy enjoying
the view of her daughter's smile and the absolute
miracle of adoption. Can I honestly say
"Thank You, Lord" enough?
Thank you!

Flowers from my beloved.
I love you so much and I love looking down
my table into your gracious, loving, adoring eyes.
My world is so beautiful.
My table so full.
My love forever growing for this bunch.
I love sitting my family at a table that
I've spent time decorating and pouring myself into.
My husband coming home after a long week
for me to rescue him from the stress
of the world.
So I create a little cottage in Italy right here
on the farm.
I hope they will always remember our fun
when they start their own families
and bring Italy to their homes one day...


Family Stone said...

I LOVE IT!!!! Can't wait to see y'all wednesday!!

Titus2Mom said...

Very beautiful Mrs. W!!

Are you hiring out?


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