Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Come see what the girls are doing...

The girls are growing so big.

They both weigh close to 15lbs

and are smiling, cooing, and

blowing bubbles.

I absolutely love coming up

with new and exciting things

for them to do.

We hang streamers from the fan

blades and they will lay under

them for a long time

watching them twirl and dance around

their heads.

I have hung toys all over their beds for
them to kick and reach for.
There is always music in their room..
I read today where Charlotte Mason
said in the 1800's parents let their
babies take naps outside in their pram.
So today, being a particularly warm day for Alabama,
I bundled my little sweet angels up
and took them for a long walk
and just as we started for home
their eye lids gave in to the warmth
of the sun and the sound of the birds.
They slept for almost an hour
while I was resting beside them
in a chair.
When they started stirring I watched
them as they gently woke up and
started looking around. They LOVED their
nap outside.
Having babies in the house is so much fun.
Always something to do, always someone
needing you.
Very tiring but also very rewarding.
They are double the fun,
double the joy,
and double Blessings.

can you tell who's who?


Shonni said...

They are absolutely adorable!

Anonymous said...

They are absolutely precious. I told my husband that we need to adopt again!

Michael said...

Beautiful blessings!!!!
Love you!

Kim M. said...

So, so cute! I love those big eyes and chubby cheeks

Unknown said...

They are so cute and getting so big! I think they need to visit the Bartlett family... :-)

Call me soon so we can catch up(like you have the time to chat).

Love you all,
Leslie Bartlett

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Rob, you truly are a reflection of God's love. These little bugs have such a blessing in you as their mommy. Love ya A

Anonymous said...

So cute!


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