Friday, January 15, 2010

Keeping cookies in my cookie jar..

My cookie Jar.

I saw each one of my children gently lift the lid and peer over into the empty cookie jar.

Each one asking where the cookies were and if

we were going to bake some more and could they help?

After the 3rd child I stopped what I was doing and
started measuring out sugar and flour
and started making those home-made cookies
the kids love.
I want to make sure my cookie jar
is always full.
I want my kids to reach in and to be able
to pull out a delicious cookie
that I made (or their sister made) just
for them.
No special reason.
Looking ahead I think a nice
thing they might say is
"in mamma's house there
was always fresh cookies in
the cookie jar."
I'll smile a little smile and know
these were the words I was waiting for..
I plan ahead:)


bed frame said...

I miss keeping cookies in a cookie jar. It is like an old school thing. My kids don't like those cookies. They thought they were not delicious.

Missy said...

I wanted to let you know that I am a new reader to your blog. I have enjoyed going back and reading about your family. I think I found it through Kelly at Generation Cedar. You have such a beautiful way with your words. Looking forward to keeping up with your blog. said...

I'm coming over for cookies and milk, tell the kids to save me some!

Aunt Kathy

April for the Crew said...

Okay...practically do you keep them from eating cookies all day long? I've tried making cookies before to show how much I love them and to spend the time together, but then no one wants lunch :-). We celebrate with cookies every so often, but it has to be sporadic (because some of mine don't have desire to choose nutrition over taste lol). Just curious!

Just A Family said...

Hey April,
This is a great training ground for
us. Teaching self control and also
them knowing they are accountable for not eating cookies unless they ask.For me it's not been a huge problem because with so many 3 and 4 year olds they are quick to notice when someone else has broken the rules:)They kinda help me enforce..

Hope your crew is doing great>
Praying for a safe delievery for you and baby!


Olivia said...

I'm baking cookies.



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