Thursday, January 21, 2010

The gift of his arms

She's resting in the arms of her father.
Safe and happy, belly full.
I wished she would be able to remember
the hours he has spent holding her
and feeding her.
His arms warm as
he keeps her close.
He holds her until she drifts off to sleep.
She will peek through every now and then
and make sure he is still there. and he is,
as he will always be.
The one that feeds her
and loves her like only a daddy could.
He is gentle.
He is soft with her.
Just like he is with me.
When he holds me, sleep also
comes easily because
I feel safe and warm
in his arms.
Today I'm so very thankful that
God picked me to be his wife.
That God picked him to be the father
of our children.
I will be able to remember
the time each of my children has spent
in this loving mans arms and I will tell them
over and over least they forget the gift he is.


Michael said...

Great post Robin....I could kiss those sweet lips! She is beautiful! Love you,

Beautiful Mess said...

Oh! My!

This blesses my heart!


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