Friday, September 24, 2010

A night on the Farm...

 The leaves are falling on the farm and this week has gone by way too fast. The sidewalk chalk everywhere and my thoughts and emotions raw this week. Just one of those weeks of thinking too much. The jobs before me overwhelming and my rose colored glassed frosted over with the humidity of the day. The farm is looking bare as the leaves are falling from the trees and the colors already changing. A true sign that summer is gone.   Their toes will soon will be covered with socks and shoes and I will miss their dirty bare feet running through the grass.
 The little girls are being trained to sit at the table and not move their plates and to enjoy the company of their family. My big table is not so big when you put 10 people around it. Training two 1 year olds is alot of work but if they are to be the blessings that God means for them to be then training them is a must. They are learning now the lessons of being accountable and I'm the one to train them. At the end of the day I wonder sometimes if I've done anything besides train.... but I know the outcome will be worth it with the Lord's help.

The biscuits were hot and oh my the kids loved them. Hot butter and gravy for supper. The supper table is still my favorite place to be. Every night the candles are lit and the music flows through the house.  It allows so much time for us to relax and unwind from the day. We share a meal and Scott does a family devotion and then he will ask me, "so how was everyones attitude today?" All their eyes on me and relieved they  are when I say they've all had a great attitude. On the days when they have not had a good attitude he will talk to them and get to the heart of the matter. Then the table comes alive as we sing song after song. A few of our favorites are lets go down to the river to pray, I'll fly away, and He came from heaven to earth.
The kids smiles can be seen through the candle light and I know I'm looking at a family tradition that they will not soon forget. The guys stand until their father tells them they can sit and my chair is pulled out, sometimes it's a race to see who can pull moms chair out for her. Talking about feeling special. Teaching them manners and respect is very important to us and I believe it starts around your table. Being thankful for the food before you no matter what it is. They may not like what we're eating but they are being taught to not complain. They can be excused from the table if they complain so complaining doesn't happen often.

My laundry room just recently had a make-over and in the middle of the biggest wall hangs this chalk board.
I change the words almost daily but I love writing notes and love letters to them. The boys pass this board on the way to their room and we fold many loads of laundry here each day so I try and write things that will help them to remember who it is their supposed to becoming. More like Christ, and less like themselves.
Teaching them and myself that I can't trust my heart and my emotions. I have to trust my Saviour and His words and trust my husband who always gives the best advice (well most of the time..=).

  Her shoes on and her hair pulled back, she shows her daddy what she's learned in ballet this week. We all sit and her brother starts the music and she comes in and dances the dance we've been practicing.
I didn't take her to class, I didn't have to. I spent ten minutes a day with my ballerina girl and I'm teaching her everything I know (which isn't much) but she is having a blast. She doens't know any difference. The class down the road cost 50.00 dollars so I told Scott he could just pay me if he liked :)She doesn't seem to mind that she is the star of the show at her home. The place where she can dance and her brothers fight over who is going to pick her up and twirl her in the end.

 The moon is set as our back drop and the frogs and crickets so loud the music has to be turned up and my family sharing another night on the farm. 

Close your eyes and hear the sounds and live this day to the fullest.


mamamargie said...

Sounds wonderful!

The Ferrill's said...

BEAUTIFUL, so beautiful! Love those dirty toes and the ballet shoes and the chalk and the heart shaped biscuits and one year olds at the table....
I'm so happy to see little snapshots of your life! It is refreshing...

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharin glipmses of your sweet family life. Thank you also for your honesty. My rose colored glasses do get foggy sometimes and it is good to know others persevere through it to see God's amazing gifts and love for us. I LOVE your blog, the photos and the encouragement. Happy belated Birthday blessings to your beautiful girls too (been on vacation and off the computer for a whole week :-)!). Lord Bless you all. tammy
teapitts at bellsouth dot net -i would LOVE to email.

Renata said...

What a beautiful post - thankyou for sharing it. I have my children here all looking at your blog - your music bought them running & they have been enjoying getting to know your family - my twins are so excited to see other identical twins - they are really now learning about how much alike they are, so it was great scrolling down to a picture of your girls together so they can understand a little more how difficult it is for other people to tell them apart.
Thanks for opening your beautiful home & sharing with us

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