Friday, September 3, 2010

Bad hair day

Being four and the cutest little thing this side of the mountain, Channie-Mae
 talked her daddy and brothers into a little beauty shop time.
They took turns letting her style and comb their hair. I drifted in and out
and had to laugh at these easy going men in her life.

Jo was not expecting the baby powder and frankly neither was I.
She combed and powdered and asked them to be "real still".
 She kept telling him that she was
almost through, but I don't believe he believed her.
20 minutes later I let him off the hook.

Only a daddy would sit and get his hair combed and baby powered for almost an hour. He talked to her
while she worked and asked her, "How many kids do you want when you grow up?" and
she said "five" and he took that minute in time to tell her what a wonderful
mama she was going to be. She's heard it before but he keeps telling her anyway.
Sweet reminders..

She said when she grew up and was a mommy that she
wanted to comb hair for people. I took a mental note and added that
to her list of things to do when she became a mama. So far we have
Dentist, hair comber, walmart worker,missionary,rock star?

  • I'm so thankful for this little browned eyed flower. She makes us giggle...She keeps us on our
    toes and she keeps us thanking the Sweet Lord for her beautiful presence in our life.   
    The beautiful little young lady is starting to emerge and I thank the Lord
    for the sweet spirit of gentleness I see in her. 
    She's spunky don't get me wrong and that's when I see
    bits of myself in her and I smile to God because
    he has a sense of humor.  

    1 comment:

    Patricia G Mead said...

    That is so sweet. But where is
    Josie and Elly, why not baby powder for them? Mom


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