Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Lessons from the farm

Mr. Popper's Penguins kept us laughing at the trouble these little guys got themselves into. We loved this book and everyone loved the penguin party we had. They get excited when we're finishing up a book because they know something special awaits them at the end.

 Taylor made these adorable cupcakes at the last minute. We almost hated to eat them they were so cute.

A big glass of cold milk helped them go down.

 The kids love these little parties and I love coming up with cute ideas about our
reads so they don't soon forget all the great books we share together

I can feel fall rolling in our little part of the valley and I can't wait to snuggle deep in blankets and sip hot chocolate while we read our winter books. The seasons come and go and before long my season of being able to read to all four middle ones will pass so I will read my heart out now.
I love corn on the cob and little hands holding the end of their supper. The butter and salt dripping.
  The table only holding napkins. Each one holding their cob and I can't help but to laugh.
My life looking so beautiful. My life feeling so blessed just to watch these guys eat a piece of corn.
Am I strange or what?
I love these moments that make up my life
and I try to live them out to the fullest.

My advice grab a good book and maybe a bag full of corn
and enjoy the little people in your life.

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Penn said...

You're not strange! I love the way you look at everything. Even though I'm only 18, that's the way I look at families... and hope I'll be just like you when I have my own children someday.
Thanks for sharing the beauty of wifehood and motherhood!



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